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Gathering of harpers from all over the world in Dikli

There are coming Harpers from all over the world for gathering in Dikli. Dikli is the birthplace of Latvia Song and Dance Festival. The world famous festival once started exactly here in Dikli. This year here will come Harpers to enjoy being together and practicing harping. The gathering is held by Koceni county together with talented Harper Laima Jansone

Harping is actual and popular in last years not only in Latvia but all over the world. This Harpers camp will give the chance to practice the harping together with professionals and perform. There will be master classes with professionals and there will come together enthusiasts and professionals.

At the end of the event, there will be a performance during rehearsal concert for Latvia Song and Dance Festival XXVI. This will give additional joy for practicing and the possibility to showcase the new skills and will bring closer to Latvian traditions. 

This will be a wonderful possibility to find out more about Latvia Song and Dance Festival traditions and birthplace of the popular event. We invite you to take part in the event and to visit Dikli during this event.

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