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Valmiermuiža Beer Garden in Sigulda

Valmiermuiža is a small craft brewery near Valmiera that welcomes visitors to witness with their own eyes how fine beer is brewed, to sample the wide range of brews and to learn the story of food and beer pairing.

Valmiermuiža Beer Garden now is opened just next to Sigulda Livonian order castle that has been welcoming guests from near and far for centuries to offer refreshment and savory meal, to celebrate the feasts. Beer Garden with pavilion and beer boutique shop that has occupied an old brewery lodge, is welcoming travellers again to quench their thirst and hunger.


In Beer Boutique one can find various beer flavours made by Valmiermuiža’s masters, both light and dark, hoppy and malty, refreshing and stodgy – unpasteurized, filtered and unfiltered, as well as Gardu Muti natural soda drinks.


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