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Michael Kiwanuka will perform in Sigulda

British musician Michael Kivanuka will perform in Latvia on June 21. The concert will take place in a very special place - Sigulda castle ruins

The Ugandan refugee child is a truly brilliant artist who is not afraid to sing on taboo topics. In his songs, Kivanuka discusses complex issues such as race identity, violence, mistrust and doubt. He is not afraid to be introverted, he does not seek fashion, money or fame.


In his early days, Michael shared the stage with Adele herself. The pop superstar chose him as a warm-up for her prestigious tour. Later, Kivanuka also received an offer from Kanye West to collaborate on the album Yeezus.
He received critical acclaim in 2012 with his debut album Home Again. The second album, Love & Hate, has significantly boosted Kivanuka's reputation and popularity, securing a solid foothold.


It became clear to the world that he was born a guitar virtuoso whose pure creativity organically intermingled with his gentle spirit and soundful voice.


Classical blues and jazz - the heroes of the past is his greatest inspirations. Perhaps it is his recordings that give the impression that it is possible to travel in time trough his songs.


Jimmy Hendrix, Bill Whitter, Otti Redding, Bob Dylan and Jill Scott Heron has left the biggest impact on his life. These singers are names that you must know! Kivanuka himself is often compared to them.


A few days ago, the Brit Awards nominated this record for the album of the year and its author was nominated for Artist of the Year. So far, Kivanuka has also twice been nominated for a Mercury Award. In the fall, he was awarded a special prize from "Q Magazine". 


Michael Kivanuka is one of the most interesting British musicians of the moment, and just a very sincere person.
Michael was helped by Grammy-winning talented producer and musician Danger Mouse, who works only with prominent stars: Gorillaz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Black Keys, ASAP Rocky and many more. Now Michael Kivanuka is on that list too.


So far there have been 43 concerts under Kivanuka's tour belt, most of which have been sold out completely.

Sigulda Castle is a perfect match for his enchanted musical mood, so there is no doubt that the concert will be great. Solstice at Sigulda Castle with Michael Kivanuk - What could be better than this!


The vision for the label "8 Days A Week" is very clear. They want to reach the hearts of Latvian listeners with the most up-to-date music concerts. 

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