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Special Winter Offer from Līgatne Rehabilitation Centre

By joining this programme, you will receive full consultation with phisio-therapist, that will set a rehabilitation plan and watch your progress through out the procedures. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE TILL 12 OF JANUARY.

The programme is 5 days (4 nights ) long. 

The  offer includes:

* Medical rehabilitation programme that includes consultation by phisio-therapist, excersises, massages, halotherapy (salt-room), bathing with essential oils, phisical therapy procedures, upper or lower back massages. Alltogether - 15 procedures. 

* Accommodation (4 nights) in a 2 bedroom flat, max 4 people per flat; It is possible to choose a higher class apartment. The price difference is covered by client. 

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Līgatne Rehabilitation centre is a centre where to regain helth and wellness. Only qualified and sertified professionals work there, serving one of the best procedure plans in Latvia. There are notable improvement results reached even in cases where at the start improvement couldn't be predicted. When applying to this programme, you are in good and professional hands that will strive to work for you specific health benefits and improvements. 

Read more about Ligatne Rehatbilitaion Centre here:


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