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Private tour - the safest way to travel during this pandemic time! Following all safety and precautionary rules, it is still possible to see the most interesting and beautiful local places, learn the stories and secrets with the help of our local guides. So be smart and don't stay home, but go on adventures safely!

Why choose the services of a local guide when traveling in Latvia?

We respect those who can, know and find the time to plan their trip in detail, including local experiences, meetings and conversations with locals. But ordinary people very often fail or it takes a huge investment of time.

We recommend to choose a local guide, thus saving your time and gaining confidence that the experience you get during the trip will be unique and unforgettable!

Here are some benefits if you choose to enjoy your trip with one of our local guides:

1. It is an opportunity to fully get to know the destination of the trip from all its unique sides;
2. Find out more about the local culture and traditions, as well as the places you will visit;
3. A good guide will know when it is better to go to local places and your experience will be positive;
4. Find out non-traditional sights and routes that would otherwise remain a secret;
5. Get personal advice on how to make your trip especially beautiful.

Payment policy

Cancellation policy

Due to the situation, we understand that your trip may have to be canceled. That is why we have introduced a free cancellation policy, whatever the reason for the cancellation. Just let us know if your plans have changed to our e-mail: or by phone +37128658900


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With a passion for nature! An experienced, knowledgeable guide both outside and in cities. Adventures are guaranteed for all human senses!
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“Power Journey” guides will take you on adventures repleted with nature and new experiences.
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