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Guest house AGAVE

In the spacious territory of the guest house "Agave" you can immerse yourself in the peace of the countryside, enjoy the sauna, watch the green landscapes, as well as walk around the Baltu Sign Garden.
Agave summer house "Stallis" and guest house "Agave"
Until the end of the 20th century, during the summer months in Latvia, the rural residents slept outside their houses – in granaries and in hay barns. Agave summer house “Stallis” offers you an adventure – spending the night in authentic horse stable stalls, where you can enjoy the scents of flowers and hay. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and observe the truly beautiful scenery.

Guest House “Agave” offers cosy premises for celebrations, weddings and seminars for up to 40 people. Equipped kitchen. Sauna heated with firewood and pond with a swimming area. Overnight accommodation for up to 20 persons, during the summer months – for up to 31.

House rent (hall, well-equipped kitchen, sauna, accommodation for 16 persons) - 430.00 EUR per day
Large hall (up to 40 people) - 200.00 EUR per day
Wood sauna (up to 6 persons, 4 hours) - 100.00 EUR
Heated outdoor tub with underwater massage - 80 EUR
Additional services
Relaxing massages
Guide services in Līgatne region
Bathhouse services
Catering ordering
Fireplace and lounge
Walk and various activities in the Baltu Sign Garden

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