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Dikļu Castle Hotel

The Dikļu castle hotel surrounded by an old park is an excellent place for leisurely relaxation and restorative natural SPA rituals.

The sophisticated Dikļu castle hotel is surrounded by unusually romantic and aristocratic atmosphere. The rooms of the castle are decorated with gorgeous restored furniture that was created in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Each room has a unique design and furnishings, which make a visitor experience something different during another stay.

The castle pleases its guests with a collection of paintings of artists of the Latvian National Awakening and a wonderful collection of fireplaces and stoves. Unique interior design items decorate the hotel rooms and guest rooms.

At the wish of vacationers fireplaces in the rooms can be lighted, allowing to enjoy the special atmosphere created by fire.

The Dikļu castle hotel offers to enjoy SPA treatments imbued with the natural energy. Herbs, aromatic flowers and other bounties of nature collected on the local meadows are used during the treatment, which will pamper your body and let you feel unforgettable sense of happiness.



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