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Café "Milly"
Mossy stone boulders and old oaks surround the charming haven that is café "Milly", where you can savour the peace and quiet of nature while sipping a velvety fruit wine!
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Rāmkalni Bistro
Cozy Rāmkalni bistro offers delicious dishes, as well as friendly and prompt service.
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Cafe - pub "Bucefāls"
Get to know the traditions of Latvian cuisine and the savoury flavours of secret recipes perfected over the centuries at the cosy pub Bucefāls!
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Siguldas Saldējums
There is a place in Sigulda Castle Complex, where you can enjoy royally deliciIn the café you will go on adventure through paths of unforgettable flavours. Whatever you choose, a hot bubble waffle with melting ice cream, aromatic coffee, hot sandwich or ice cream cocktail, everything in this café is delicious and thought-out.ous and cold treat – ice cream café “Siguldas saldējums”.
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Zeit Café
When visiting Zeit Café it seems like all the time in the world belongs to you and your loved ones. You can enjoy your company, as well as delicious foods, while being surrounded by the beautiful nature.
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