About Cluster

Gauja National park Tourism Cluster was created in 2012 by an NGO “Tourism Association of Sigulda City Region”. This NGO was established in year 2000 as an association of local Sigulda city tourism entrepreneurs.

Creation of the Cluster was fostered by a project “Development of Gauja National park Tourism Cluster” funded by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Project will be running until June 2015.

Today cluster combines more than 50 entrepreneurs, 9 municipalities, Latvian Nature Conservation Agency, Joint Stock Company “Pasažieru vilciens” (“Passenger train”), Joint Stock Company „CATA” and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

At this moment it is the largest tourism Cluster in the Baltic’s!

In 2014 name of the NGO was changed to “Gauja National park Tourism Association” so it could truly represent all new members and the Cluster.

All sorts of tourism entrepreneurs are represented in the Cluster – castles and manors, companies working in nature tourism, all kinds of active tourism, wellness and health tourism, culinary or food tourism, rural tourism and other tourism forms. All kinds of lodging – camping, hotel, manors etc. - are represented in the Cluster also.

Cluster is managed by a Steering group of 12 representatives that is re-elected every 2 years. At this moment Cluster Steering group are as such:


1. Janis Stepins

chairman of the “Gauja National park Tourism Association”
representative of Kārļamuiža” country hotel

2. Solvita Muizniece

board of the “Gauja National park Tourism Association”
director of Bīriņi castle

 3. Ieva Stipniece

representative of Valmiermuiža brewery

4. Dace Vanaga-Mikane

board of the “Gauja National park Tourism Association”
director of "Rehabilitācijas centrs"Krimulda"", SIA

5. Rudīte Vasile

representative of "Mārkulīči"

6. Austris Brutans

board of the “Gauja National park Tourism Association”
Chairman of the board  Veckalns” SIA

7. Andra Magone

manager of Cēsis city Tourism development and Information Center

 8. Laura Skrodele

board of the “Gauja National park Tourism Association”
director of Sigulda city Development Agency

 9. Sarmite Usane

director of Līgatne municipality Culture and Tourism Center

10. Dace Jase

director of Public relation and Tourism Department in Valmiera city municipality

11. Rolands Auzins

director of Vidzeme Regional Administration of Latvian Nature Conservation Agency

12. Andris Klepers

representative of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, associate professor


During last 2 years many activities have been done and several are still in the process:

Gauja National park Tourism Cluster will keep on working also after project will end, bringing added value to local municipalities, Vidzeme region and Latvia.

All Cluster activities are focused on achieving a goal that starting from 2018 Gauja National park will gather 8% from all incoming tourists that visit Latvia outside Riga. In 2012 this number was 3% and thanks to Cluster activities it is growing.

If you want to find out more about us, please write an e-mail or give a call!

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