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Karlamuiza Country Hotel
The ancient stone and brick building of Karlamuiza Country Hotel near Cesis is decorated with climbing vine branches and surrounded by a wide apple orchard.
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Dikļu Castle Hotel
The Dikļu castle hotel surrounded by an old park is an excellent place for leisurely relaxation and restorative natural SPA rituals.
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Hotel "Aparjods"
Spend your leisure time in hotel Aparjods and embrace the picturesque and tranquil nature of Sigulda!
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Bīriņu Castle Hotel
The gorgeous facade of the Bīriņu castle, reflecting in the lake, entices with the majestic staircase, high snow-white windows and quiet love story.
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Draw energy from water at SPA Hotel Ezeri located in Sigulda, on the shores of a picturesque lake!
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Hotel "Kaķītis"
Hotel "Kaķītis" is small, but cosy hotel in Sigulda with special charm which offers numerous outdoor recreation opportunities!
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Hotel "Sigulda"
Hotel in a beautiful, historical stone building in the very heart of Sigulda with service culture rich in traditions!
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Hotel "Santa"
Hotel for a romantic and relaxed leisure in the nature!
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Hotel "Jonathan SPA Estate"
Accommodation with an original interior, a vast range of spa procedures and an enchanting environment!
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Hotel "Pils"
Hotel in the Sigulda centre with a cosy atmosphere for a truly royal treatment!
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