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Create the Story of Your Adventure
Visit the land where the history, culture and nature allow you to enjoy the primordial with your own eyes, ears and hands and collect the story of your adventure!
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Outdoor shooting range "Mārkulīči"
In the outdoor shooting range you can try to shoot air weapons, hunting weapons and bow.
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Rowing boat rental in "Mārkulīči"
"Mārkulīčos" offers you to rent a rowing boat for a trip along the beautiful Brasla river to see its magnificent surroundings or to go fishing.
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Horseback Riding in Inčukalns
The campsite "Zuši" offers horseback riding lessons, as well as rides with a line-cart or a sleigh.
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Jaunarāji obstacle course
You will enjoy the natural beauty and silence while going through the Jaunarāji obstacle course.
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Boat, raft and bike rental at "Žagarkalns" camping site
Camping site and boating station "Žagarkalns" offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Gauja National Park both on water and on dry land.
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Leisure Complex "Kaķītis"
Experience unforgettable moments while enjoying active leisure and athletic entertainment at complex "Kaķītis"!
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Horseback Rides in Dikļu Castle
Horseback rides in Dikļu Castle are exploratory trips around the surroundings that reveal unusual stories about Dikļi and history of the Latvian culture.
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Boat and bicycle rental in the campsite "Apaļkalns"
You can go for a boat trip along the Gauja river between Valmiera and Sigulda, or you can enjoy a nice bicycle tour along one of eight bicycle routes.
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Rāmkalni boating routes
Choose the excellent Rāmkalni boating routes to enjoy the gentle river stream and the amazing natural sights!
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