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Restaurant "Aparjods"
Restaurant Aparjods is an oasis of peace in Sigulda where you can enjoy delicious meals and fine wines that are stored in the restaurant’s cellar!
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Restaurant "Gadalaiki"
Enjoy exquisite dishes at restaurant "Gadalaiki", while watching the lively and green natural scenery behind the wide glass wall.
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Ungurmuiža restaurant
The restaurant accommodated in the unique Baroque manor serves excellent dishes made from seasonal local products.
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Restaurant "Jonathan SPA Estate"
The restaurant "Jonathan SPA Estate" will afford you an opportunity to enjoy delicious Mediterranean meals and picturesque views of the pond and extensive Vēķu lake.
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Restaurant "Karlamuiza"
While having a rest in old Karlamuiza manor near the ancient valley of the Amata river, you can enjoy delicious home-made cuisine in Karlamuiza's restaurant.
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Rāmkalni Restaurant
Rāmkalni restaurant is located on a wide glass-covered porch oferring views of the picturesque ancient valley of the Gauja river.
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Restaurant "Santa”
Restaurant "Santa” is surrounded by a country scenery that you can enjoy from the terrace in summer.
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Dikļu Castle Restaurant
The Dikļu Castle surrounded by the fields and forests of Vidzeme invites you to indulge yourself with an excellent and tasteful adventure in the castle's gourmet restaurant.
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Bīriņu Castle Restaurant
The popular Bīriņu castle restaurant is located in a splendid castle on a lake shore surrounded by parks and offers to enjoy excellent contemporary tastes of the Latvian cuisine.
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Valmiermuiža's beer kitchen
The old granary building houses a modern kitchen with Latvian flavours where you can leisurely sip the famous Valmiermuiža beer and feast on delicious meals prepared from beer or served together with the honoured drink.
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