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International conference in Turaida: "Reformation - 500"
International scientific conference " Reformation - 500: New Browsing in Latvia and Europe" will take place at Turaida Museum Reserve. There you will be acquainted with the latest knowledge about processes of reformation and the impact it had on the history of Latvia and Europe.
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Transformation of Water Tower in Birini Castle
The neo-gothic Bīriņu castle is located on a hill overlooking an old parks and nature trails and will tell you some interesting historical legends.
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Great review about Castles in Gauja valley
David visited our country last summer. He is addicted to travel. He enjoys exploring the quieter and less seen pockets of Europe and the World. We are happy to hear from him a Gauja National park tale.
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Contemporary culture programme of the Kokmuiza festival
On 9 September 2017, in Koceni, Koceni district, in the territory of the former Kokmuiza manor, the third Kokmuiza festival, dedicated to the discovery of the ancient site will take place. This year, the festival will continue the enlivening of the Kokmuiza cultural and historical heritage and through the Time as this year's theme of the festival, will offer a contemporary cultural program for various likings and age groups.
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16 Dec - 16 Dec
Winter Solstice and fair "Savour the Flavour at Valmiermuiža"
During the Winter Solstice local craftsmen from far and wide will gather in Valmiermuiža to offer real countryside goods to the visitors of the fair. Since ancient times Latvians have set up richly served tables to celebrate Winter Solstice.
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