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Vienkoču Park
Learn about wood craftsman’s trade, green lifestyle and the history of the vicinity of Līgatne, and draw inspiration from the unique wooden sculptures and objects at Vienkoču Park!
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Barrel Museum
The Barrel Museum offers visitors the chance to see barrels and participate in barrel making together with the cooper, revealing the secrets of cooperage.
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Līgatne Spoon Workshop
Līgatne Spoon Workshop will give you an opportunity to reveal old secrets of woodenware making.
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Creative workshop "Ezeriņi"
Creative workshop "Ezeriņi" is a wonderful stone sculpture garden with unusual stone animals and creatures living in it!
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Handicraftsmen in Valmiera
While visiting the handicraftsmen in Valmiera, you will see the process of creation of handicrafts with national patterns and view an exhibition of traditional handicrafts.
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Straupe Farmers Market
At Straupe Farmers’ Market you can see and purchase local goods both for your tummy and home!
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Fair "Ar Gardu Muti Valmiermuižā"
Fairs in Valmiermuiža are fascinating anniversary festivities that take place eight times a year and give an opportunity to visit a market offering a wide variety of rural goodies and see different performances rich in tradition.
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Mound Neikenkalns and the nature concert hall in Neikenkalns
Place where one of the most wonderful Latvian traditions – the Song Festival – was started is now home to the nature concert hall.
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Līgatne Ferry
Līgatne ferry is the only ferry in the Baltics driven by the strength of the river currents, allowing to experience a pristine sensation during leisurely trip to the opposite bank of the Gauja river.
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Master of ancient jewelry
The jeweller will tell an attractive story about the secrets of making ancient jewellery, and will allow you to try some of the ancient jewellery on.
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