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Create the Story of Your Adventure

Visit the land where the history, culture and nature allow you to enjoy the primordial with your own eyes, ears and hands and collect the story of your adventure!
Campaign starts on May 1, 2016. Campaign runs until necklace charms are available or until September 1, 2016.
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• The period of the campaign “Create the Story of your Adventure” lasts from 01.05.2016 till 01.09.2016 or while the necklaces and campaign charms are available to the campaign participants.
• The necklaces with the “Enter Gauja” charm are available at the city and municipality Tourism Information Centres of Gauja
National Park.
• The campaign charms can be acquired from the campaign partners in the territory of the Gauja National Park by using
services offered by them and presenting the campaign necklace with the “Enter Gauja” charm.
• One charm can be acquired for every receipt of at least 10 EUR in value.
• Each campaign partner can only give out the charm associated with their service.
• The campaign necklace and charm count is limited.
• The campaign charms can only be acquired at the moment of making a purchase. Campaign charms are not given out for
receipts that are presented after making a purchase.
• The campaign charms are given out upon request.
• 60 partners take part in the campaign, and each has its own distinctive charms.
• The campaign charms are made out of an alloy of zinc that is certified in the EU; nickel has not been added to the material.
Keep out of the reach of children younger than 3, and animals!
• The Tourism Association of Gauja National Park reserves the right to correct, change or cancel this campaign at any point in
time. The Tourism Association of the Gauja National Park will in form about the changes of campaign rules or the discontinuation
of the campaign on their website www.entergauja.com, and you will also be able to receive the information from the campaign partners.
• Additional information on the campaign can be received by e-mailing info@entergauja.com
• The campaign is realised by the Tourism Association of Gauja National Park located at Raiņa iela 3, Sigulda, LV 2150, Latvia.
Pendant What to do? Where it is?

Inčukalns Client Service Centre

Get to know the most beautiful locations of Inčukalns - the Inčukalns Velnala Cave (Devil’s Cave), Katlapi Rock and the Hunting Palace! More information can be acquired at the Inčukalns Client Service Centre!
Atmodas iela 4, Inčukalns
+371 67977310, www.incukalns.lv
GPS 57.0979 24.6871

Campsite “Zuši”

Enjoy sports and leisure activities at the campsite “Zuši”. Spend a night in a camping lodge or tent; make a fire; swim in the pond; do fishing; and take a boat or raft ride. Take a horseback or horse-drawn line-cart ride. Surprise your children and arrange a pony ride for them.
“Zuši”, Krustiņi, Inčukalna novads
+371 28327110, www.zusi.lv
GPS 57.1296 24.6293

Recreational Park “Rāmkalni”

Take a fantastic adventurous journey by renting a boat or bicycle. Spend a day at the Toboggan and tubing track of the Recreational Park “Rāmkalni”; try the Flying Chair, Crazy Rotor and Exciting Bungees. Enjoy a meal at the bistro or restaurant.
“Vītiņkalni”, Inčukalna novads
+371 29100280, www.ramkalni.lv
GPS 57.1248 24.6585, 57.1430 24.8443


Recharge your energy levels by trying out a flight at the AERODIUM vertical wind tunnel. The Laws of aerodynamics will allow you to fly and do various manoeuvres, and have an unbelievable experience.
Rīgas-Siguldas šosejas 47.km
+371 28384400, www.aerodium.lv
GPS 57.1333 24.7861

Mālpils Manor

Enjoy calm relaxation at the luxurious suites of the Mālpils Manor Hotel and enjoy the dishes prepared by the chef of the restaurant that are known for their exquisite taste and magnificent presentation.
Pils iela 6, Mālpils, Mālpils novads, LV-2152
+ 371 26666600, + 371 67102555, + 371 27 843843
GPS 57.0064 24.9494

Tower of Courage”Vells” (The Devil)

Take part in a team building activity at the Tower of Courage VELLS, which is as high as a nine-storey building. There is a viewing platform at the top of the tower; the most adventurous can spend a night there.
Puķu iela 4, Sigulda
+371 26003210, www.vells.lv
GPS 57.1403 24.8177

Sports and Recreation Centre “Sigulda”

Enjoy the asphalted 1.2 km long and 4 m wide path for rollerblading, roller skiing, Nordic walking, running, and cycling. The track has a natural slope up to 18% and its biggest vertical climb is 11 m long.
Puķu iela 4, Sigulda
+371 67970262, www.tourism.sigulda.lv
GPS 57.1403 24.8177

Recreational centre “Kaķītis”, Adventure Park “Mežakaķis”

Test your nerves on the obstacle course that is installed in the tree-tops of the trees growing at the park; jump on the trampolines; and enjoy other adventures, as well as have a taste of a full meal offered by the local pub that has a great view of the Gauja Valley. Relax at the bath house complex and spend a night in the cosy hotel!
Senču iela 1, Sigulda
+371 67976886, www.kakiskalns.lv
GPS 57.1431 24.8291

Hotel and Restaurant “Aparjods”

Escape the city rush at the calm oasis of hotel Aparjods. Treat yourself to a glass of wine from the restaurant wine cellar and enjoy meals inspired by traditional Latvian cuisine.
Ventas iela 1a, Sigulda
+371 67972230, www.aparjods.lv
GPS 57.1414 24.8446

Hotel “Santa”

Relax in a hotel surrounded by nature not far from the centre of Sigulda. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere and indulge in a meal on the terrace of the restaurant, enjoying the view of the surrounding nature and observing the clouds in the sky.
“Kalnjāņi”, Siguldas novads
+371 67705271, www.hotelsanta.lv
GPS 57.1307 24.8456

SPA Hotel “Ezeri” and Restaurant “Gadalaiki”

Charge yourself with energy from the traditional Latvian bath house rituals and the inspiring power of water. An experienced bath ritual master will make sure you have the chance to have a one-of-a-kind experience at the hotel’s SPA complex, which is located by a scenic lake! Enjoy exquisite cuisine at the Restaurant “Gadalaiki”!
“Ezeri”, Siguldas novads
+371 67973009, www.hotelezeri.lv
GPS 57.1319 24.8542

Sigulda Municipality Tourism Information Centre

Explore the variety of interesting cultural heritage sites and natural objects of Sigulda and its surroundings together with experieced tour guides. Receive tourism information brochures and buy souvenirs of Sigulda!
Ausekļa iela 6, Sigulda
+371 67971335, www.tourism.sigulda.lv
GPS 57.1531 24.8537

Electromobile sightseeing tours

Experience the views of the primordial nature of Sigulda on an environmentally friendly and exciting excursion with electromobiles.Explore more with us!
Tikšanās vieta: Sigulda, Ausekļa iela 6, Stacijas laukums
+371 26022919, www.impresso.lv
GPS 57.1533 24.8537

Hotel Pils and Café-bar “Ritters”

After an adventurous tour through the legendary places of Sigulda, enjoy real relaxation and sleep in a cosy hotel. Explore more with us!
Pils iela 4b, Sigulda
+371 67709625, www.hotelpils.lv
GPS 57.1544 24.8532

Hotel “Sigulda” and Restaurant “Kropotkins”

After spending an active day in Sigulda, enjoy a freshly cooked meal from the highest quality ingredients at “Kropotkins”, the only restaurant located in the centre of Sigulda, and rest in the historical hotel that lies in the heart of Sigulda in a 125-year old brick building with a modern added complex.
Pils iela 6, Sigulda
+371 67972263, www.hotelsigulda.lv
GPS 57.1555 24.8524

Guest House “Livonija”

Enjoy rest in the cosy garden and rooms of the guest house, and renew energy for your next day’s adventures in Sigulda and the surroundings!
Pulkveža Brieža iela 55, Sigulda
+371 67973066, www.livonija.viss.lv
GPS 57.1495 24.8594

Sigulda Castle Complex

Explore the Livonian Order Castle and take part in the Livonian Order Activity Programme. Take a walk in the renovated guard galleries of the guard wall; meet the men of the order garrison; get to know the everyday life of the brethren of the order; as well as explore the clothing and armour of the brethren knights and servants.
Pils iela 16/18, Sigulda
+371 67971335, www.tourism.sigulda.lv
GPS 57.1656 24.8506

Sigulda Cable Car

Cross the Valley of Gauja at an the altitude of 43 m above the river and enjoy the view of the Castles of Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda, as well as the bobsleigh and luge track, and the wonderful scenery that can be seen at a the distance of several kilometres.
.Poruka iela 14, Sigulda
+371 28383333, www.vagonins.lv
GPS 57.1645 24.8458

Bungee jump from cable car

Jump and experience a free fall from the Sigulda cable car that hangs 43 metres over the River Gauja, and get a dose of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions.
J. Poruka iela 14, Sigulda
+371 28383333, www.bungee.lv
GPS 57.1645 24.8458

Adventure Park “Tarzāns”

Experience unforgettable emotions at the Adventure Park “Tarzāns” with a view of the beautiful Gauja Valley! Enjoy the Tarzan obstacle course, toboggan track, chair lift, shooting ranges, catapult, tube riding, and other activities.
Peldu iela 1, Sigulda
+371 27001187, www.tarzans.lv
GPS 57.1596 24.8386

Makars Tourism Agency

Go on an unforgettable boat or raft ride and explore the most beautiful sights of the Gauja Valley from the waterline; relax in the campsite “Siguldas pludmale” (Sigulda Beach) and “Kanoe kempings” Līgatnē (Canoe Campsite in Līgatne).
Peldu iela 2, Sigulda; Gaujas iela 36, Līgatne
+371 29244948, www.makars.lv
GPS 57.1575 24.8367 (Sigulda), 57.2545 25.0457 (Līgatne)

Gauja National Park Information Centre “Gūtmaņala”

Discover the legend of the Rose of Turaida, visit the secret meeting places of Maija and Victor, explore the deepest and most spectacular part of Gauja Valley.
Turaidas iela 2a, Sigulda
+371 26657661, www.tourism.sigulda.lv
GPS 57.1762 24.8468

Turaida Museum Reserve

Visit the Turaida Museum Reserve exhibitions that are displayed at the brick castle and the service centre buildings of the manor. Explore the rich cultural heritage of Latvians at the Folk Song Park! Experience the harmony of nature and manmade objects!
Turaidas iela 10, Sigulda
+371 67972376, www.turaida-muzejs.lv
GPS 57.1868 24.8478

Leisure Complex “Reiņa trase”

Enjoy the various leisure possibilities offered by “Reiņa trase”! Try out the 9 hole golf course, play a beach volleyball or mini football match or a game of streetball with your friends. Rent a bicycle and explore the most beautiful views of the Gauja Valley, have a good meal at the café, and rest at the cosy guest house.
“Kalnzaķi”, Krimuldas novads
+371 29272255, www.reinatrase.lv
GPS 57.1796 24.8175

Krimulda Manor

Enjoy a peaceful and quiet night at the Krimulda Manor suites, let qualified personnel take care of you in the rehabilitation centre, or treat yourself to the selection of Krimulda Manor wines.
Mednieku iela 3, Sigulda
+371 29111619, +371 67972232, www.krimuldaspils.lv
GPS 57.1677 24.8298

Pub and Guest House “Bucefāls”

Explore the traditional way of preparing a Latvian meal and enjoy the taste of culinary secrets perfected throughout the centuries at the cosy pub “Bucefāts”! The pub takes special pride in the dishes prepared from own-grown lamb.
“Ceļmalas”, Sigulda, LV-2150
+371 29747000, www.bucefals.lv
GPS 57.1536 24.8988

Vienkoči Park

Take a walk along the Vienkoči Park trails and take a look at wooden sculptures and models of historical manors, as well as get to know woodworking secrets at the Woodworking Museum. Thematic souvenirs made there are available for sale!
“Vienkoči”, Līgatnes novads
+371 29329065, www.vienkoci.lv
GPS 57.1933 25.0455

Līgatne Spoon Workshop and Līgatne Winery

Watch how beautiful and practical household items — spoons, spatulas, butter knives, kitchen boards, and other useful tools — are made from seemingly worthless pieces of wood. Buy wooden souvenirs. Enjoy tasty high quality house wine made from Latvian berries and fruit!
Sporta iela 22, Augšlīgatne, Līgatnes pagasts,
Līgatnes novads
+371 26521467, www.spoonfactory.lv
GPS 57.1908 25.0365, 57.2330 25.0421

Līgatne Tourism Information Centre

Go on an educational one-or-two-day excursion through Līgatne and the surroundings together with the best tour guides in Līgatne; purchase souvenirs, which will remind you of the great time you had!
Spriņģu iela 2, Līgatne
+371 64153169, +371 29189707, www.visitligatne.lv
GPS 57.2335 25.0396

Līgatne Nature Trails

Explore the variety of mammal species and the natural variety of Latvia, as well as get to know more about why nature conservation is necessary.
Līgatnes dabas takas, Līgatnes novads
+371 28328800, www.visitligatne.lv
GPS 57.2484 25.0154

Rehabilitation Centre “Līgatne” with the Secret Soviet Bunker

Explore the Secret Soviet Bunker together with a tour guide and take part in the reality game “Object X”; enjoy the SPA treatments and procedures; spend the night in a building steeped in the aura of history.
“Skaļupes”, Līgatnes pagasts, Līgatnes novads
+371 64161915, www.rehcentrsligatne.lv, www.bunkurs.lv
GPS 57.2560 25.0709

Zvārte Rock

These charms are going to be available in specially organised events. Information on these events will be published on Enter Gauja www.entergauja.com and our Facebook account.
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Amata Municipality Tourism Information Centre

Explore the natural wonders of Gauja National Park together with the tour guides of Amata Municipality, and buy souvenirs that will remind you of the adventures you had and the magnificent views you saw.
Ieriķi, Drabešu pagasts, Amatas novads
+371 28681083, www.amata.lv
GPS 57.2085 25.1703

Hotel “Karlamuiza Country Hotel”

After having taken a walk through the untouched nature of the banks of the River Amata, the Landscape Park created by Lords, and the hundred year old apple orchard, relax in the romantic Kārļamuiža Manor! Take refuge in the stately silence!
“Kārļamuiža”, Kārļi, Amatas novads
+371 26165298, www.karlamuiza.lv
GPS 25.2406 25.2121

Guest House “Melturi”

Spend a night in the guest house “Melturi” and view the collection of dinosaur sculptures; explore the bustling nature by taking long walks along the River Amata.
“Melturi”, “Sarkanāboli”, Drabešu pag., Amatas novads
+371 29267224, www.melturi.viss.lv
GPS 57.2188 25.2314

Hotel and Restaurant “Jonathan Spa Estate”

Get out of the city noise and everyday troubles, and treat yourself to SPA procedures and quiet relaxation in a hotel surrounded by nature. Enjoy various bath houses, cool off in a pool, and replenish energy with a tasty meal.
Amatciems, Amatas novads
+371 25606066, www.jonathanspahotel.com
GPS 57.2254 25.3034

Veselava Manor Tourism Information Point

Explore the historical buildings of Veselava Manor; have a walk in the nearby park; and have a look at other impressive tourism attractions of Priekuļi Municipality — Līču-Laņģu Rocks, Mazā Ellīte Cave, and Ērgļu Rocks.
“Viesturi”, Veselavas pag., Priekuļu nov.
+371 64107198, www.priekuli.lv
GPS 57.2900 25.4776

Cēsis Castle Complex

Travel back in time — have a walk in the Cēsis Castle Complex; take a look at Cēsis from the castle tower; peek into the dungeon; and try out various activities of the castle dwellers, or together with yourchildren, find Valter the bat.
Pils laukums 9, Cēsis
+371 64121815, www.cesiscastle.lv
GPS 57.3132 25.2714

Science Centre “Z(in)oo”

Together with your children, explore more than 200 exhibits of the science centre— feel the gravity in the swings, get to know friction with unusual go-karts, see sound, build and control robots, see lightning, and move objects with the power of the mind.
Poruka iela 8, Cēsis (entrance from Lapsu Street)
+371 25400228, www.zinoo.lv
GPS 57.3146 25.2885

Active Leisure Centre “Žagarkalns”, Camping “Žagarkalns”, bicycle rental

Have a good time at the campsite and go on walks along the nearby paths next to the River Gauja; rent a bicycle and go on a longer ride through Cēsis; or rent a boat and explore the banks of the river from the waterline.
“Žagarkalns”, Cēsis. Mūrlejas iela 12, Cēsis
GPS adrese Mūrlejas iela 2, Cēsis (velo un laivu noma)
+371 26266266, www.zagarkalns.lv
GPS 57.2981 25.2268, 57.3114 25.2245
57.3075 25.2208 (velo un laivu noma)

Campsite “Ozolkalns” and Adventure Park “Supervāvere"

Have new experiences by overcoming the obstacles of the Adventure Park “Supervāvere”; relax at the campsite “Ozolkalns”, or in its comfy cottages. Rent a boat and go on a laid-back boat ride along the River Gauja.
Ozolkalns, “Saulkrasti”
Drabešu pag., Amatas novads
+371 26400200, www.ozolkalns.lv
GPS 57.2999 25.2172, 57.2943 25.2220

Campsite “Jaunarāji”

Enjoy peace and quiet at a comfy campsite on the banks of the River Gauja. Challenge yourself on the sports field or the obstacle course up in the trees. Go on a walk on the Path of Love. You will enjoy our high-comfort camping houses.
“Jaunarāji”, Brenguļu pagasts,
Beverīnas novads
+371 29121702, www.jaunaraji.lv
GPS 57.5470 25.4899

Brewery “Valmiermuižas alus”, Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen, Valmiermuiža Horse Stable

Visit the Brewery “Valmiermuižas alus” and explore the beer brewing process, the various nuances and tastes of beer; enjoy treats prepared by chefs in the Beer Kitchen; or go on a relaxed horseback ride.
Dzirnavu iela 2, Valmiermuiža, Burtnieku novads
+371 20264269, www.valmiermuiza.lv
GPS 57.5559 25.4311

Valmiera Tourist Information Centre

Valmiera Tourism Information Centre will recommend you nearby and more distant tourism attractions; here you can get tourism brochures and guides, arrange excursions in Valmiera with a tour guide, as well as buy souvenirs.
Rīgas iela 10, Valmiera
+371 64207177, www.visit.valmiera.lv
GPS 57.5386 25.4213

Hotel “Wolmar” and Restaurant “Agnese”

After an exciting day of exploring the cultural and natural sites of Valmiera, enjoy an energising meal at the restaurant, and rest in the comfortably designed rooms of the hotel.
Tērbatas iela 16 a, Valmiera
+371 64207301, www.hotelwolmar.lv
GPS 57.5435 25.4307

Bird and wildlife watching tours together with “Baltic Wildlife”

Together with professional tour guides, explore the wildlife of Latvia — birds, animals, plants, and bugs. Get to know the migrating birds; learn how to read the tracks of animals; explore endangered plants and their flowers.
Across the Gauja National Park
+371 28808440, www.balticwildlife.eu

Craftsmen Park Foundation of Valmiera

(booking in advance recommended) Get to know the secrets of the craftsmen of Valmiera by visiting their workshops. Buy the products made by knitters, weavers, embroiderers, wood sculptors, ceramists, bakers, etc.

Visit also Baker (booking must be made 3 days in advance)


Cēsu iela 20, Valmiera
+371 29426161, www.macibucentrs.lv
Pārgaujas novads, Stalbes pagasts, “Zemdegas”
+371 26127264, www.entergauja.com

Guest House “Lantus”

Take a steamy sauna, wash off the dirt of the road in the bath house, and enjoy the countryside spa procedures. Explore the magic of the night in a hot tub, enjoy the romance of the countryside, and spend a night in cosy rooms.
“Lantus”, Bērzaines pagasts, Kocēnu novads
+371 29214406, www.laukumaja.lv
GPS 57.6317 25.2430

Dikļu Castle

Enjoy the leisure of aristocrats in a hotel surrounded by an ancient park. Go on an adventure of exquisite tastes in the gourmand restaurant, and renew your energy reserves with the Natural SPA procedures!
Dikļi, Dikļu pagasts, Kocēnu novads
+371 64207480, www.diklupils.lv
GPS 57.5978 25.1025

Guest House and Pub “Mazais Ansis”

Enjoy a Latvian meal in the pub “Mazais Ansis”. Enjoy procedures with therapeutic sauna brooms in the countryside bathhouse. Spend a night in the antique rooms of the log house!
“Ansīši”, Rubene, Kocēnu pagasts, Kocēnu novads
+371 64230352, www.mazais-ansis.lv
GPS 57.4649 25.2682

Barrel Museum “Nu, liela muiža” (“Big Deal”), Guest House “Madaras”

Let yourself be surprised with an exciting tour! Explore the various types of barrels, and take a look at the old tools of the barrel craftsmen, as well as watch and take part in the process of barrel making. Enjoy a cosy atmosphere in the Guest House “Madaras”.
Madaras, Vaidavas pagasts, Kocēnu novads, Latvija, LV-4227
+371 29268692, janis@muca.lv
GPS 57.4315 25.2015

Kocēni Municipality

Explore Kocēni Municipality, in which the Chronicle of Henry was made and in which the first Song Festival was held; visit the natural and cultural sites full of historical tales. To get the charm of Kocēni Municipality, enjoy the offers of the Guest House “Lantus”, Dikļi Castle, Pub “Mazais Ansis”, or “Nu, liela muiža”. 

Creative workshop “Ezeriņi”

Get to know the trade of a stonecutter and enjoy the results of their work — a magnificent boulder sculpture garden filled with unusual rock animals and creatures. Here you have a chance to buy one-of-a-kind souvenirs.
Stalbes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
+371 26371928, www.ezerini.lv
GPS 57.3757 25.0391

Ungurmuiža Manor

Explore the unique wooden baroque buildings and the magnificent park, that is adorned with ancient and majestic oak trees, enjoy the tea ritual at the Tea House of the manor, or experience the energy of the historical building complex by spending a night there.
“Ungurmuiža”, Raiskuma pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
+371 22007332, www.ungurmuiza.lv
GPS 57.3625 25.0887

Campsite “Apaļkalns”

Get away from the everyday rush, enjoy the scenic nature, and listen to its pure sounds while watching the sun set over Lake Raiskums. Try to catch your big fish, or relax and take a walk in the surrounding hills of Raiskums. Enjoy a boat ride on the River Gauja.
“Apaļkalns”, Raiskums, Pārgaujas novads
+371 29448188, www.apalkalns.lv
GPS 57.3174 25.1479

Tourism Information Point of Pārgauja

Enjoy a moment of calm at Lielstraupe Castle or Ungurmuiža Manor, and take a look at the products of the local farmers and craftsmen in the Straupe Farmer’s Market or the creative workshop “Ezeriņi”.
“Ezeriņi”, Stalbes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
+371 26620422, www.pargaujasnovads.lv
GPS 57.3757 25.0391

Underground lakes, Holiday house “Vējiņi”, and Campsite “Paegļi”

Enjoy relaxation in the holiday house or in the camping surrounded by nature, and explore the mysterious underground lake and cave labyrinths.
“Vējiņi”, Straupes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
“Paegļi”, Limbažu pagasts, Limbažu novads
+371 29289796 (“Vējiņi”), +371 29819364 (“Paegļi”),
GPS 57.3449 24.9185 (“Vējiņi”), 57.4272 24.8051 (“Paegļi”)

Hunting and Leisure Centre “Mārkulīči”

Leisure activities for grownups and children — shooting with various weapons; a volleyball, streetball and football field; boating on the River Brasla; and outdoor events on the outdoor stage. An opportunity to experience camping in tents and to enjoy evenings filled with stories by a fire.
“Āvaidi”, Straupes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
+371 29464946, www.markulici.lv
GPS 57.3005 24.9087

Bīriņu Castle

Enjoy healthy relaxation in the elegant hotel suites, and taste the meals prepared from natural ingredients and reminiscent of older times. Explore the ancient manor building ensemble and the spacious park by taking a walk or riding a line-cart.
Bīriņu Pils, Bīriņi, Limbažu novads
+371 64024033, +371 29416661, www.birinupils.lv
GPS 57.2438 24.6595

“Adventure Ride”

Learn the basics of horse-riding or go on a several-day adventure horseback hike in Gauja National Park. Go on a hike on foot, or take a boat or bicycle tour accompanied by a well-informed tour guide who will educate you on the natural variety found in these territories.
Pērle 1, Alderi, Ādažu novads
+371 29269559, www.adventureride.eu
GPS 57.0604 24.3571


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