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Inčukalns Municipality

Inčukalns has several places of historical importance — Brethren Cemetery, several monuments dedicated to fallen soldiers, Manor Park and Art Noveau Hunting Palace.

Inčukalns Municipality is located in Vidzeme 30 kilometres from the Riga. It borders with the municipalities of Ropaži, Sigulda, Krimulda, Ādaži and others.

More than a half of the Inčukalns Municipality is occupied by woods. The local nature has an aura of antiquity that is embodied in the deep woods, stones lying at the side of the road and noble trees covered in moss.

Legendary nature

Many legends tell us about the mysterious Inčukalns Velnala (Inčukalns Devil's Cave).

An ancient legend tells that the Devil himself used to live in this cave. One can feel a sense of mystery when being in it. The cave gets narrower up until the point when you reach a bigger space with high dome-shaped ceiling and a stream that flows down its uneven, sandstone wall.

Objects of historical importance

The Vangaži Evangelical Lutheran Church is located in Inčukalns Municipality; it is an ancient architectural and cultural monument. The small church that is surrounded by woods was completed in 1789, but it was torn down in the following war. The church regained its former look only by the end of the 90s.

You can also visit the Inčukalns Brethren Cemetery where you can see the monument designed by the famous Latvian sculptor Kārlis Zāle — a grieving mother with a bouquet of roses. Inčukalns Brethren Cemetery is an object of historical importance in which lies the victims of the Red Army.

This is where the park of the ancient Hincenberg manor and the Cemetery of the Soviet Soldiers lie. The manor was torn down during the War, and only massive protected Dutch Linden that once grew in the manor park were left behind.

The road that goes through the Hincenberg Manor Park leads to the Soviet Soldiers’ Cemetery in which lie the Soviet soldiers fallen during WWII. In the cemetery you can also view the metal sculpture erected in memory of the soldiers "Figure of a Mother with a Burning Flame in her Hands”

You can also see a Hunting Palace erected in 1914 in Inčukalns. It is a two-storey palace designed in the style of art nouveau, its interior features intricate doors and parquet floors.

Entertainment and Leisure

Bike geocaching offers a chance to go on an exciting bicycle ride and to search for geocaches that are hidden in the outdoors, by using a special navigation device. The geocaching game is designed in the form of a game in which you have to collect words to decipher a message at the end of the bike trail.

The geocaching bike trail will lead you to the mysterious Velnala (Devil's Cave), Arboretum of Anna Ludiņa and continues along Vangaži Church and the Vilkaču (Werewolf) Pine up until the old Riga highway.

Accommodation is offered by camping "Zuši”. There you can live in a tent next to a pond and enjoy everything nature has to offer — walks, horseback rides and fishing.



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