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Cecilu nature trail in Ieriki - small circle

Cecilu nature trail is a walking route for tourists where you can see the sights of Amata municipality that are located along the banks of Kumada River, Danchupite and Amata River. Check the PDF file for a map and objects in the nature trail!

The starting point of the trail is in Ieriki in Amata municipality, near the ‘Lejas Cecilu’ houses and 1 km from a café, petrol station and a tourist information centre, which is also the Cecilu trail visitor centre. Visitors can enjoy a landscape unspoilt by men- Danchupite canyon, Danchupite cave, a miniature waterfall, the impressive Cecilu cliff from the right bank of Kumada River, Cecilu pine, which has been recognised as one of the mighty Latvian trees, and other sights. The trail is marked. 

The length of the trail is 2 km, but you can make it longer till 13km if you go to ‘Lichi’- across Amata River, further down the right bank, enjoying the magical atmosphere of the Amata geological trail. The trail is open for visitors throughout the year. During the dark on Saturdays and for prior reservations Cecilu cliff and Danchupite are illuminated.

Legend tells that a devil and two witches used to live in Cecilu cave. Every day at midnight, they would dance in front of the cliff. People made the devil angry so he decided to fill up Kumada with sand. He took the sand to the river. At that moment, a rooster started singing in ‘Cecili’ household. The devil got scared and rushed into the cave. The sand fell opposite ‘Devil’s chamber’, creating a small hill. The devil hasn’t been seen ever since.

Sightseeing objects

1. Animal feeding place – respecting the tranquillity of the environment, an opportunity to see forest animals from a short distance.

2. Kumada – Left tributary of Amata River. Total length 13 km.

3. Cecilu cliff – approximate height- 10 m, length- 100 m. There are small niches called devil’s chambers. The cliff is located in the territory of a natural micro-reserve, therefore it can only be viewed from the right bank of Kumada River.

4. Lichi, ‘The Big rock’ – Impressive rock near the connection of Kumada with Amata River.

5. Dzilnas rock – view from the top of Dzilnas rock. One of the most changeable cliffs in Latvia. The height of the cliff is 37 m.

6. Cave of Danchupite – formed from sandstone. Length= 5.7 m, height= 1.6 m, width = 1,6m.

7. Cecilu pine – girth of the pine is 2.80 m, it’s one of the mighty trees in Latvia.

When visiting the nature trail it is advisable to wear shoes and clothes suitable for hiking. In rainy days, the trail can be slippery and muddy.

Contact information: 

Booking excursions Ph.no.:  +371 29477700,+371 26457649, e-mail: cecilutaka@gmail.com

Coordinates of the trail: 57.2091, 25.1705



Additional information is available in the Cecilu trail visitor centre, situated on the premises of the Tourist Information centre of Amata municipality.  



Adults: 2,00 EUR;
Pensioners, students 1,50 EUR

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