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St. Simon’s Church of Valmiera

Built in the Middle Ages, the church has witnessed many historical events of Valmiera.

St. Simon’s Church of Valmiera was built in 1283 and has largely retained its medieval appearance — the church is a mix between Romanesque and early Gothic style, but its Baroque tower was built in the middle of the 18th century.

As the church's location was consecrated and the foundation stone was laid on 28 October, Simon’s feast day, the church was named after this disciple of Christ.

St. Simon’s Church of Valmiera has witnessed many historical events.

Two stone cannonballs that once shattered the church have been built in the church’s northern wall as a reminder of the Livonian War. Whereas the chain fragment lying by the church’s entrance has come from a pillory where law offenders were punished up until the beginning of the 19th century.

Some of the most noteworthy objects in the church are tombstones of notable citizens (15th–16th century), organ (1886), and pulpit and organ loft paintings (1730).

The church tower exhibition hall hosts interesting expositions, while the tower observation deck offers an impressive view to the panorama of Valmiera.

Today the church is home to Lutheran congregation, even though it was a Catholic church for 300 years, and  served as a concert and exhibition hall in Soviet times.



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