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Enter Ajaloosse

Turaida Museum Reserve
The Museum Reserve is a vast territory, rich in art and history gems – the Turaida Castle, the wooden church and many other buildings, as well as the sculpture garden.
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Rubene Evangelic Lutheran Church
The legendary history of the bright Rubene Church dates back to the medieval times.
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Miniatures of the historical buildings at Vienkoči Park
The miniature copies of buildings at Vienkoči Park will reveal more about the history of the Līgatne paper mill and its surroundings.
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Valmiermuiža's Park and Tower
In Valmiermuiža Manor, you will have an opportunity to learn about the historical events of this place, see the tower of manor castle, relax in the shadow of trees in the park and go on horseback to a former hunting park.
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Līgatne historical centre and cave cellars
For almost 200 years the name of Ligatne is closely linked with the paper mill. The historical centre of the paper mill’s village has survived to our times and is un urban construction heritage of national importance.
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Līgatne Paper Mill
Ligatne Paper Mill was one of the oldest and richest paper producers in traditions not only in the Baltic States, but also in Europe. It was the only paper producer in Latvia and the most important waste paper recycler.
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Āraišu ezerpils Archaeological park
There is unique object in the park - reconstructed ancient settlement from 9th-10th centuries on the lake. Reconstruction is made based on results of archaeological excavation in the Āraiši lake island. The Park also have medieval castle ruins, reconstrucitons of dwellings from Stone and Bronze Ages.
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Āraiši Windmill
During a guided excursion one will learn the history of the widmill, understand how it operates and how grains becomes flour, with a chance to grind grains using a hand mill and enjoy the panoramic views to the surrounding countryside. Special meals available. Wedding programme.
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Lielstraupe Castle
Lielstraupe Castle is one of the rare medieval castles in Latvia, which has lasted until today.
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Cēsis Medieval Castle
Visiting Cēsis Medieval Castle is a travel back in time with tours around the historic building and hands-on experience in enjoying entertainment and activities of ancient people.
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