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Cēsis Medieval Castle

Visiting Cēsis Medieval Castle is a travel back in time with tours around the historic building and hands-on experience in enjoying entertainment and activities of ancient people.

The castle was once the main castle of the Livonian Order, where the landlords made all the important decisions and where the master of Order once lived; it was also a place of imprisonment of high-rank officials and war prisoners.

The guided excursion with a castle servant will take you around the castle with bright lanterns in your hands. You will be also shown the Western Tower and the living room of the master,  proud of unique interior from the 16th century with a luxurious star vault. The attic reveals a breath-taking view over the rest of castle ruins, castle-front, park, and the town.

The people had handed stones for the construction of the castle from hand to hand. By touching the wall of the castle you might feel the power of their hands or you might even hear the steps of the initial inhabitants of Cēsis — the vendi — and the voice of the mighty master of the Order.

The ancient activities can be experienced and observed at the ancient jewellery smithy and the castle garden. You can try the making of jewellery, arm-wrestling, bowling, and other ancient activities, and, should you wish so, also the medieval food.





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