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Cēsis Medieval Castle

Visiting Cēsis Medieval Castle is a travel back in time with tours around the historic building and hands-on experience in enjoying entertainment and activities of ancient people.

The castle was once the main castle of the Livonian Order, where the landlords made all the important decisions and where the master of Order once lived; it was also a place of imprisonment of high-rank officials and war prisoners.

The guided excursion with a castle servant will take you around the castle with bright lanterns in your hands. You will be also shown the Western Tower and the living room of the master,  proud of unique interior from the 16th century with a luxurious star vault. The attic reveals a breath-taking view over the rest of castle ruins, castle-front, park, and the town.

The people had handed stones for the construction of the castle from hand to hand. By touching the wall of the castle you might feel the power of their hands or you might even hear the steps of the initial inhabitants of Cēsis — the vendi — and the voice of the mighty master of the Order.

Cēsis Castle visitors will not only be able to visit the mighty castle ruins and see the medieval kitchen garden, but also meet centuries-old craftsmen in craftsmen's workshops. Under the guidance of the game master of the medieval activity center, you will learn various popular games of skill, strength and mind. Multimedia exhibitions in the castle towers will help you learn about the history of the castle in an interactive way from May to September.

Activities in the castle garden, craftsmen's workshops, multimedia exhibitions in the castle towers are available in the summer season.






Additional services
  • Guide services in Latvian, English and Russian languages. Guide service prices: https://cesupils.lv/apmeklejiet-mus/cenas/gida-pakalpojumi/;
  • Possibility to buy souvenirs;
  • Theater performances for groups and a medieval meal are available for a separate fee. Prices of theatrical programs: https://cesupils.lv/apmeklejiet-mus/apmeklet-ar-grupu/teatralizetas-ekskursijas/;
  • "Activity backpack", during which the family has the opportunity to perform exciting tasks in the medieval castle of Cēsis.

Facts and figures

  • Cēsis Medieval Castle is the mightiest medieval Livonian fortress and the best preserved and most impressive ensemble of castle ruins in Latvia.
  • Around 1213, the Order of the Brothers of the Sword commenced the construction of the castle which is seen nowadays.
  • In 1481, the Cēsis Medieval Castle became the permanent residence of the Livonian masters. Wolter von Plettenberg was among the most common masters, who improved the protection level of the castle to protect it from fire guns.
  • The castle has undergone several wars, and it has been the residence of the Polish army, Russian army under the lead of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, and the Swedish army. 
  • More information about the Medieval Castle see on www.cesupils.lv.
  • Entrance fee to Cēsis castle: https://cesupils.lv/en/plan-your-visit/prices/entrance-fee-in-castle-complex/

Extra services

For your conveniences

  • WC
  • Access for disabled persons
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access in the visitor centre of the castle


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