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Enter Gauja office
At the Enter Gauja office it is possible to receive information about the Gauja National Park and its surroundings, sightseeing objects, active leisure, catering, accommodation and events. Enter Gauja offers assistance in finding excursion routes that meet the interests of visitors, leading through the Gauja National Park and the surrounding cultural, historical, natural and active recreation sites. Booklets, itineraries, guides and brochures are available.
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Cēsis Tourism Information Centre
The Centre is located in the Old town between the Cēsis New Castle and St. Johns church. It provides information on tourism sites and services in Cēsis Municipality, Latvia, and Gauja National Park.
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Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre
The Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre informs about sightseeing objects, active leisure, catering, accommodation in Sigulda and Sigulda County, and offers guide services.
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Valmiera Tourist information centre
A place to receive tourist information on sightseeing objects, entertainment, leisure, catering facilities, accommodation and other tourism services in Valmiera City and Valmiera Municipality.
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Līgatne Tourism information centre
The Līgatne Tourism information centre organises excursions and informs travellers on places of interest and activities in the Līgatne municipality.
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Priekuļi Tourism Information Point
The information point is located in Veselava Manor and offers informative materials about sightseeing and other activities in Priekuļi, Cēsis and the vicinity thereof.
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Pārgauja Tourism and Information Point
The Information Point provides information to travellers about Straupe, Stalbe, and Raiskums rural territories located in Pārgauja Municipality.
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Gauja National Park Visitor Centre by the Līgatne Nature Trails
The Visitor Centre provides information on the Līgatne Nature Trails and other places of interest in the Gauja National Park.
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Valmiermuiža Tourism Information Point
Here one may receive information about leisure opportunities in the brewery “Valmiermuižas alus” and other closer and more distant municipalities.
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