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Enter Festival

Cēsis Art Festival
During the contemporary Cēsis Art Festival you can visit several tens of visual art, music, theater, film and dance events.
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Cēsis Castle Medieval Days
Experience the history during Cēsis Castle Medieval Days – try out old crafts, taste amazing dishes, meet knights and get to know the life of the Middle Ages!
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Midsummer celebration in Cēsis
During the Midsummer celebration you can explore the old holiday traditions, as well as capture the sparkling festive mood at the height of summer.
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Summer Solstice Celebration in Turaida
On the shortest night in Turaida you can enjoy ancient celebration rituals, traditions, folk songs and dances.
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Annual festivities in Valmiermuiža manor
The annual festivities of Valmiermuiža are celebrated in accordance with the solar calendar — eight times a year. During these festivals we explore our roots, traditions, folk dances, songs and enjoy a glass of good beer.
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Live music evenings at the Valmiermuiža Beer Garden
Visitors can enjoy tasty meals and listen to music in the live music evenings at the Valmiermuiža Beer Garden.
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Zaube Wild Food Festival
Culinary Festival in Zaube is usually held in July with thematic tastings and wild flavour cooking demonstrations. There will be a variety of creative workshops, games, and entertainment for both large and small.
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Dikļu Castle Music Festival
Dikļu castle music festival brings together the best Latvian musicians that fill the park with melodious songs and charming atmosphere.
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