Visit the land
where the history, culture and nature allow you to enjoy the primordial with your own eyes, ears and hands.
Each moment
and each experience at the Gauja national park is embraced by nature.
Besides, this is not an ordinary park,
It is a park+ where each encounter can become a new experience, enriching it through play, study and challenges.
Variety of adventures
allows each traveller to choose one’s own pace and scenario.
Like a fern
that unfolds its fan of leaves while blooming, the river Gauja leads us deeper into the mysterious and untouched world of nature, where every tree has its own story about ancient occurrences and legends.
The time itself does not flow straight here, it flows in curves full of rapids just like the river Gauja, merging the present with the tales of the old times that have left their unique mark in the scenery and the people.
All that is left to do is to breathe the misty morning fog, touch the moist linded trunk and loose oneself in the forked paths of legends, where the stems of grass are vibrating with life, souls dwell in the breeze and boulders bloom in ravines…