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Live Virtual Tours Around Gauja National Park
Want to travel and enjoy breathtaking views of the Gauja National Park, get to know the local culture and explore new places? If yes, live virtual guided tours are the perfect option for you!
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Cēsis Autumn Restaurant week 2020
At the end of October, starting from October 31 to November 8, Cēsis Autumn Restaurant week will take place in Cēsis for the third year in a row. Cēsis and city guests will have a great opportunity to enjoy exquisite dishes at especially friendly prices. Gourmets will be invited to have a meal by popular restaurants in Cesis and the surrounding area.
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Sound - the focus of the art festival “Cēsis 2020”
The focus of the Cēsis 2020 Art Festival in 2020, will be on sound to train listening and hearing skills during the post-crisis COVID-19, when tactile sensations are limited.
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"Cēsis 814" - the first virtual city festival in Latvia
With a series of program about creative artists from Cēsis, which can be watched both on online and on television, Cēsis begins work on its biggest event of the year - “Cēsis 814” - which on July 18, 2020 will become the first virtual city festival in Latvia.
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Rural lifestyle – the next trend in tourism trade?
The world can change fast, as recent months have shown us. Whether it will ever be the same than before COVID-19 pandemic, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it profoundly changed the tourism sector worldwide. At least for the foreseen future, it seems that the time for mass tourism and attractions for large customer groups is the past. At the same time small, “un-tact” and private tourism destinations and products have raised the interest among new customer groups. Now, more than ever, there is a market demand for attractive tourism products that base on nature, small-scale production, authentic lifestyle and sustainability. These are all attributes that can be easily associated with rural tourism.
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A permanent exhibition at the visitor centre of the Āraiši ezerpils Archaeological Park is open to the public from 1 July, 2020. The exhibition provides insight into the original evidence retrieved from excavations and features the story of archaeologist Jānis Apals.
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Cēsis castle complex is offering new activities
Pleasant news for Cesis guests and inhabitants has been prepared by the Cesis Castle complex. From June 10, the entire exposition of the Cēsis History and Art Museum will be opened, including the Lademaher Tower. The medieval castle activity area and craftsmen's workshops will also start working.
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Multimedial exhibition in Cēsis Castle shines again
In the Cēsis Castle is an unique exhibition for Latvia available “Multimedia story of Cēsis castle”, which invites the visitors to experience amazing multimedia story about Cēsis Castle, by reliving the most important historical events and feel the ancient atmosphere.
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Secret Soviet bunker opens again!
Number of visitors for excursion to the Secret soviet bunker is restricted minding all the necessary sanitary precautions.
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