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Trail routes

Gauja National Park offers an impressive number of beautiful routes of various difficulty. Browse through the already prepared routes of Enter Gauja, choose the one that suits you best, and feel free to hit the road!

Cecilu nature trail in Ieriki - small circle
Cecilu nature trail is a walking route for tourists where you can see the sights of Amata municipality that are located along the banks of Kumada River, Danchupite and Amata River. Check the PDF file for a map and objects in the nature trail!
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EuroVelo Route 11 - Gauja National Park
EuroVelo is a network of long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the whole European continent. The routes can be used by long-distance cycle tourists, as well as by local people making daily exciting journeys.
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Sigulda – Murjāņi- Sigulda
Route Sigulda - Murjāņi - Sigulda is a 30,2 km long route and there can be found multiple unique nature objects - Ziedleju cliffs, Katlapu rock, The big rock, Kubuseles nature trails, etc. The route is suited for active people, who want to explore the territory between Inčukalns and Sigulda from a different viewpoint.
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Witch’s cauldron route
Sigulda is a place where nature is in close interaction with the historical and urban environment created by humans. Only 2-3km distance from Sigulda railway station Vējupīte ravine and Gauja ancient valley can be found with unique and lesser known nature objects. The route is suitable for visitors who aren`t afraid of climbing the steep slopes of the deep Vējupīte ravine.
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Kubesele Nature and History Trail
The 3.6km long Kubesele Nature and History Trail begins at Krimulda Church. The trail leads to Kubesele Hillfort and the Krimulda Pastor’s House.
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Hold your breath! From Sigulda Castle Quarter to Ravine of the River Vejupite
This is a challenging route for those who aren’t used to climbing the steep slopes of Sigulda, but it’s well worth it for the truly breath-taking splendour of nature, pristine and turbulent creeks, sandstone outcrops and caves just outside the town. The steep slopes are breathtakingly capturing not only literally, but also in terms of stunning photos. The starting and ending point of the route is the heart of the city – the Sigulda Castle Quarter. The route is not marked, but there are signposts pointing out natural and tourist attractions.
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Vikmeste Trail and Castle Mound
The Vikmeste creek once served as a natural boundary between Turaida and Krimulda. There are several concealed picturesque sandstone outcrops in the valley.
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One day around Sigulda and More parish
The route is suitable for active cyclists and leads to the Sigulda region, More Parish, which historically originated from the four manors in the neighbourhood. The road section is surrounded by several hills and the Sudas swamp area, making the winding gravel-covered road very interesting for travellers. The route includes several attractions of cultural heritage.
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Primeval valley of the River Brasla
Although the river is classified as “small”, this section of the river does not have very many typical obstacles the small rivers have.
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