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Sigulda – Murjāņi- Sigulda

Route Sigulda - Murjāņi - Sigulda is a 30,2 km long route and there can be found multiple unique nature objects - Ziedleju cliffs, Katlapu rock, The big rock, Kubuseles nature trails, etc. The route is suited for active people, who want to explore the territory between Inčukalns and Sigulda from a different viewpoint.

Till the Village Gauja, the route partly overlaps with the former road leading to Vidzeme Region (short, asphalted road sections are still found) and crosses densely populated areas, but from there on to Sigulda it curves through remote forests of the National Park, crossing several deep ravines of the small rivers. The route runs through Gauja National Park. Enjoy it either on foot, or by bicycle.

Recommended time for the route April–October. Especially recommended during the blooming of bird-cherry trees or the colorful autumn. Provided the snow is not too deep, it is also suitable for a beautiful winter day. Note the paths and forest roads are not cleaned from snow.

Good to know! Suitable trekking boots (or an MTB/ trekking bicycle) and a map for the section “Rāmkalni” – Sigulda is recommended. Navigation devices might be useful. Prior to heading off, one should visit the information point in “Rāmkalni”. Since the way markings have been ripped off in some places, one may lose the way when leaving the Village Gauja. Walking outdoors is at one’s own risk. Emergency services: 112


Additional. Supporting the initiative of the I.Ziedoņa Museum, it is possible to encounter interactive points along the right bank of the Gauja on the “Lasīttaka” route. Map with interactive points here.

The purpose of the hiking trail is to provide a way to experience I. Ziedonis’s book in nature, promoting the values ​​expressed by Ziedonis, encourages literacy, as well as provides modern and valuable information while on the road. The book “I, man, in the world” was created by I. Ziedonis as a family encyclopedia, where you can get to know such fundamental values ​​as nature, cultural heritage, the importance of its preservation, man, history, Latvia, responsibility, development, life, love.

On the walking path you can find – letters – on the topics of birds, plants, bees, economy, aquatic life, fish, fishing. The ideas and museum of Imanta Ziedoņa were written by: environmental researcher, tour guide Māris Olte, ornithologist, active representative of the Latvian Ornithological Society Viesturs Ķerus, cultural journalist, biology student Eva Johansone, head of the Imanta Ziedoņas Museum Žanete Grende, scientist of the University of Latvia Egils Stalidzāns. Imantas Ziedonis’s quotes are also found in the reading trails. Families with children, as well as individual adventure seekers, are invited to “Lasīttaku”.

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