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Foreign travellers' opinion on nature conservation - take the survey
The purpose of the survey is to determine foreign travellers' understanding of nature conservation and their views on recreation and travel in nature.
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Travelers Ursu & Diego exploring Gauja National park, Latvia
On the verdant and blooming July travelers Ursu and Diego explored Gauja National park
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Holiday guide in Cēsis Region "Catch the Sun"
Take look at our new summer holiday guide "Catch the Sun" - your inspiration for the trip to Cēsis Region!
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Application is open! Learn and become an entrepreneur!
We are seeking individuals from Gauja National Park region interested in participating in an international entrepreneurship training program that spans eight months and includes both online and face-to-face sessions.
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03 Aug - 04 Aug
Home cafe days at VAIDAVA CERAMICS
This year, during the days of home cafes, the VAIDAVA CERAMICS production facility and the terrace of the concept store will turn into a haven of peace, where guests can enjoy delicious food served on designer clay dishes created in Vaidava in a leisurely atmosphere.
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