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Peaceful campsites at the Gauja National Park, Cēsis Municipality
When travelling around Latvia, make sure that you have not missed the Gauja National Park that waits for every traveller to reveal its pearls and give an amazing opportunity to recreate at great adventure parks, mighty castles dating back to the times of kings and picturesque Gauja Valley.
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Long-distance trails crossing Cēsis Municipality
Cēsis is also notable for a few trails that cross the municipality. Below are a few routes that we recommended for anyone who enjoys nature, hiking and biking!
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5 exhibitions and museums to visit in Cēsis Municipality
There is no shortage of exhibition rooms and museums in Cēsis Municipality! You should definitely visit at least one of them. We have provided a small summary below!
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Cesis will celebrate its 816th anniversary with concerts, light shows, processions and experiments
Traditionally, on the third weekend of July, from July 15 to July 17, Cēsis will celebrate its biggest holiday of the year - "Cēsis 816".
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