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Enter Conferences

Conference halls in hotel "Wolmar"
The hotel "Wolmar", which is located in the centre of Valmiera and is decorated with street views of the city, offers two conference halls for rent.
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Conference halls in Bīriņi Castle
Bīriņi Castle offers a building with a splendid facade, majestic stairs, snow-white windows and luxurious rooms, where you can arrange both business events and celebration.
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Conference halls in Krimulda Manor
Conference halls in the majestic classicism-style Krimulda Manor.
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Conference halls in RIXWELL Segevold Hotel
RIXWELL Segevold Hotel conference rooms can accommodate up to 60 people
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Conference halls in Ungurmuiža
Three interconnected halls, which are ideal for holding seminars and other business events, are situated in the oldest wooden residential building in Latvia – Ungurmuiža Manor.
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Conference rooms in Mālpils Manor
Mālpils Manor provides the opportunity to rent luxurious halls for organization of business events.
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Conference rooms in "Valmiermuižas alus" brewery
In Valmiermuiža, we not only brew live beer, but also warmly welcome guests. The Valmiermuiža brewery, located near Valmiera, has long been praised as a welcoming stopover.
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Conference Hall in Hotel "Santa"
When organizing business events in hotel "Santa" surrounded by beautiful nature, you can enjoy the peace outside of the city, which will contribute to work productivity.
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Conference Halls in Hotel Tigra
Hotel "Tigra" offers three halls for organizing conferences, seminars and other business events, as well as SPA recreation and comfortable rooms for overnight stay.
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Conference halls in hotel "Aparjods"
Buildings of hotel "Aparjods" are adorned with wood shingle and thatched roofs; it is surrounded by a wide apple orchard – in this cozy environment you can rent halls for business events.
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