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This is your opportunity to savour the jewels that noblemen have safeguarded in the cusp of the forest for time eternal. Venture forth, rapt in contemplation, essaying your brush back and forth over the canvas, listening to the paint plotting its way into the canvas, and sipping tea in the manor garden, where you will hear the tick tock of the venerable lord’s clock.


We invite you to discover Latvia, travelling through time and enjoying the tranquility of the historic residences of the aristocracy fanned by centuries of impressive history. The authentic hospitality of the nobility awaits you, along with the opportunity to step into the world of Latvia’s nobility and to encounter its broad heritage, as well as to embark on a stately journey amid impressive settings nestling among painterly landscapes.

During your journey, you will be welcomed at the most important manor houses, castles and palaces in the Gauja region, offering fine dining and accommodation options, and an eclectic offering of additional services, ranging from tours recreating the epochs of the nobility through to scenic horse carriage excursions through the Latvian countryside.


Listen in Noble Silence

Manors to visit

Bīriņi Castle
Bīriņi Castle has always inspired its landlords and guests with love stories worthy of Shakespeare. This neo-gothic style and semi-circular building enclosed by ancient parks and forests is on a hill, which reveals a view of the beautiful Bīriņi Lake. At the castle, one can relax in an aristocratic atmosphere – in ornate interiors, spacious reception halls and elegantly designed hotel guest rooms. In the Castle restaurant, one can enjoy meals fit for the nobility prepared with the finest natural ingredients, giving your leisurely break a hearty and elegant touch. A refined place for healthy relaxation.
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Cēsis Castle
In Cēsis Castle and museum you can hear the story about the town and the people who have created the history of Vidzeme, Latvia and even Europe. The glory of centuries old buildings creates a unique harmony of eras from eight centuries. Art and history lovers can enjoy rousing exhibitions here, and the New Castle's Lademaher Tower offers an amazing view across the old town of Cēsis. You can feel the beauty of Romanticism, which is a delicate mixture of nature and aristocracy, in the New Castle and its parks.
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Liepa Manor / Lindenhoff
In Liepa Manor every sip of the pure forest air is full of culture and art. The authentic buildings welcome you to feel and experience historical stories that are centuries old. The interior yard of the manor is surrounded and adumbrated by great oaks, and park trails invite you to take relaxing walks. When going on a walk, you can discover artworks placed in the park, ancient manor ponds and views filled with the silence of the nature. In the restored manager’s building the guests can fall into comfortable beds and aristocratic relaxation. There is always an easel in the manor, which invites you to take a brush and express the feelings and peace you have experienced here.
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Kārļamuiža Manor
Far away from the worldly hustle and bustles, surrounded by tranquil forests, travellers are welcomed by romantic Kārļamuiža. The untouched nature of the River Amata, landscaped park created by the lords of the manor and century-old apple orchard offer a refreshing hiding place amidst this beauty. In turn, the invigorating quality of nature can be felt on the peaceful walking trails, which wend their way alongside the river to the landscaped cliff and back again. After enjoying a walk in the cusp of nature, you can relax in the hotel apartments, which have been installed in accordance with the manor’s former residents’ impressions of homeliness. This is the embodiment of peaceful rest amidst the natural tranquillity of nature and gardens, which are enclosed by the majesty of the Amata’s cliffs.
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Malpils Manor
The refined atmosphere of Mālpils Manor is ideally suited to luxurious and carefree leisure. Waking up between satin sheets after a truly restful night’s sleep, the morning will delight you with a view of the calmly flowing waters of a fountain, while the delicious meals prepared by the chef in the manor restaurant will offer gourmands a truly mouth-watering culinary experience. The Manor grounds are best enjoyed by embarking on a ride on an antique bicycle or during a saunter through the clouds in a hot air balloon. An outstanding residence whether you are seeking peace for idyllic rest, or luxurious apartments in which to host a beautiful celebration.
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Krimulda Manor
Krimulda’s classicism-style manor delights visitors with the wonderful scenery of the primordial Gauja river valley and the local winery from whose barrels flows the sweet nectar of life. The charming detachment of the manor allows you to enjoy the attractions of "Vidzeme’s Switzerland" in a tranquil environment, which once preoccupied the carefree lives of noble. Landscaped paths guide leisurely travellers on a healthy walk alongside sandstone cliffs and picturesque scenery.
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Ungurmuiža Manor
Away from the hustle and bustle of the world at large, concealed under crown of leafy oak trees is a unique wooden Baroque manor. It is an especially idyllic place for nature and art lovers. Walks along forest trails will provide invigorate guests amidst tranquil scenery. Afterwards, you can enjoy a cup of tea in the archaic atmosphere of the tea house in the manor garden. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy leisurely meals fit for nobility in the manor’s age-old recipe restaurant.
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The hospitality of Valmiermuiža Manor invites travellers to stop for a hearty meal and a glass of delicious beer, brewed in the adjoining brewery. There, nature’s produce is transformed into a proper beer, while in the renovated barn, which is home to the “Beer Kitchen”, where, after a long journey, you can sit back and take a breather in the easy chairs and experience our famed hospitality towards our guests. You can take the best impressions from Valmiermuiža with you, because the Latvian flavours store offers you the very best examples of produce made by local home producers and craftsmen. Valmiermuiža is a reminder that not only beer, but also the natural nobility of Latvian flavours must be enjoyed slowly.
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Vienkoču Park
This park full of unique miniature manor houses and captivating wooden sculptures is living evidence of the famed skills of the manor house’s carpenters. In the woodwork museum’s ancient workshop, you can inspect the instruments and work tables that craftsmen of old used to create ornate furniture, painting frames and fine decors. Continuing your excursion among the leafy shadows of Vienkoči Park, you will be charmed by the wooden sculptures around you and miniature copies of several manor houses no longer in existence, but recreated here right down to the tiniest detail. A quiet, educational adventure to be memorably combined with a relaxing family picnic and the unhurried enjoyment of nature.
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Sigulda Castle
At the heart of history for centuries, enclosed by picturesque stone walls, this castle was both a residence and fortress for the nobility. Nowadays, every summer the castle echoes with the sound of classical music during Sigulda’s world famous opera festival. The proximity of the Gauja and the wild river valley form a unique backdrop for enjoyment of the works of art wrought by man and nature. The soft sounds of music from the castle garden and the reverberations from the creative quarter enliven the harmonious atmosphere of the castle. Merging with the elegant neo-gothic architecture, a visit to the castle acquires a fine and noble aftertaste.
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Turaida Museum Reserve
The story of the historical centre of Turaida stretches back one thousand years, and its testimonies interweave the museum reserve’s diverse exhibitions. An ancient bone flute softly plays the story of Gauja’s Livonians. The majestic Gauja river valley renders Turaida’s stone castle even more imposing. For centuries, it has been the residence of the lords of the land. For many, a visit to the memorial site of Turaida’s Rose has become something of a pilgrimage, dedicated to the power of love, nobility and trust. Amidst the tranquillity of Turaida’s fields, the blows ring out from the manor house blacksmith’s hammer in the smithy, inviting you to discover the busy daily activity of the manor house. In turn, the unique sculpture garden on Dainu Hill invites visitors to embark on a poetic walk in appreciation of Latvian values.
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