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Liepa Manor / Lindenhoff

In Liepa Manor every sip of the pure forest air is full of culture and art. The authentic buildings welcome you to feel and experience historical stories that are centuries old. The interior yard of the manor is surrounded and adumbrated by great oaks, and park trails invite you to take relaxing walks. When going on a walk, you can discover artworks placed in the park, ancient manor ponds and views filled with the silence of the nature. In the restored manager’s building the guests can fall into comfortable beds and aristocratic relaxation. There is always an easel in the manor, which invites you to take a brush and express the feelings and peace you have experienced here.


In the former manor manager’s building we have created comfortable and elegant rooms filled with sense of nature, where the guests of the manor can relax. Through the windows you can see the beautiful surroundings.

Manor park and pergolas
There are ancient linden trees, oaks, maples, ash trees, Siberian spruces, jasmines, lilacs and apple trees in the park providing the guests with a rich harvest. While resting in a pergola you can listen to the sounds of the surrounding nature even more closely.

Tourism attractions
In the Liepa Manor there are more than thirty tourism attraction places and artworks. The guests can go to the Creativity house, Stone garden, Malt and beer brewery, and walk through the Liepu Alley, disappear and be found in a labyrinth, look into the thoughtful water eye of the Mirror pond and visit an art object called “Džetti spiral”, as well as discover many more special places.

Other services
Art masterclasses / Bicycle rental / Swimming area / Fishing / Rides in a horse cart / Guide services / Grill kitchen rental / Rooms for conferences and other events

Price per night: EUR 55.00 to EUR 110.00

Annual events
In August: Anniversary of the Liepa Manor
In autumn: Liepa Manor’s Apple Ball


The Liepa Manor was founded in 1672 and got its name from Liepa village. Already at the beginning of the manor’s existence it served as one of Latvian schools, which was founded by the legendary pastor and Bible translator Ernst Glick.
When the Northern War started the manor was pledged in 1700. Later it had various owners until Pirse Boye became the manor’s owner in 1783. The members of his family managed the manor for many more years. Freedom-loving group of intellectuals were often guests there. The group consisted of Riga Theater actors, future home tutors and officers.
From 1882 until the First World War the manor was owned by the von Reutern family, whereas during the First World War manor served as a school for the refugees’ children. In 1919 the school building was seriously damaged and the school was moved to the manor manager’s house, and was open until 1970.
The Liepa Manor Restoration Association is currently restoring the manor. A lot has been done: the guests can relax in peaceful rooms and the neat manor park. New manor improvements allow to enrich the guests’ experience.



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