Malpils Manor

The refined atmosphere of Mālpils Manor is ideally suited to luxurious and carefree leisure. Waking up between satin sheets after a truly restful night’s sleep, the morning will delight you with a view of the calmly flowing waters of a fountain, while the delicious meals prepared by the chef in the manor restaurant will offer gourmands a truly mouth-watering culinary experience. The Manor grounds are best enjoyed by embarking on a ride on an antique bicycle or during a saunter through the clouds in a hot air balloon. An outstanding residence whether you are seeking peace for idyllic rest, or luxurious apartments in which to host a beautiful celebration.

A fountain will ripple peacefully in the courtyard where birds pause to quench their thirst. In the manor’s entrance hall, an ancient harpsichord will toy with its notes, occasionally complemented by the barely audible whispers of candle flames. As the manor’s ghost does his nocturnal rounds, won’t be perturbed by the creak of painting frames.


Accommodation in Design Rooms

Truly aristocratic sensations are evoked by the luxurious atmosphere in the hotel design rooms, which is reminiscent of a wonderful dream. The enjoyment of your night’s rest between finely sewn sheets will fill you with the joy wrought by the enchanting tranquillity of your surroundings.

Gourmet’s Restaurant

The manor restaurant offers you culinary delights served in the form of creatively prepared dishes for life’s gourmands. It will also be a rich feast for your eyes, seeing the work of art created by the interplay of the colour and texture of the meal before you.

Cooking Masterclasses

Moments of leisure become even more delicious in the company of the manor chef, who will help you to prepare an exclusive meal and masterpiece of flavour ideally suited to the season, creating a delicious surprise for your enjoyment, ideally enjoyed together with a glass of wine.

Art Collections

Everything on the display in the manor premises is a work of art – the exclusive star parquet in the festive hall, the medieval hearths, the classicism sofa and Biedermeier chairs, the paintings by Latvian old masters and the historic harpsichord infuse the manor premises with the moving beauty of art.

Antique Bicycles

Enjoy a romantic and leisurely, not to mention picturesque, ride on an antique Ērenpreiss bicycle around the vicinity of Mālpils Manor and discover the awe-inspiring beauty and tranquillity of its natural surroundings, which once prompted the lord of the manor to choose this place as his home.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Rise above seventh heaven and experience the most romantic moments of your life accompanied by a golden sunset during a specially arranged hot air balloon flight over Mālpils Municipality.



Other Services

Excursions around the manor and its surroundings | Bicycles. Nature trails | A tea house | Boats | Marriage ceremonies in the manor park


It is thought that the original Mālpils order castle was built during the second half of the 14th century and that it was located a kilometre away from the current Mālpils manor buildings. During the Polish-Swedish war in the 17th century, the castle was blown up.

Subsequently, when in the 18th century when Empress Elizabeth of Russia gifted Mālpils Manor to Colonel Melgunov’s wife, it was moved to its current location, where Mālpils Manor house. During this period, the baroque-style manor park was established. Other development included the creation of a pond and the construction of the centre of the manor.

In 1905, the manor was completely burned down at the height of the revolutionary upheaval. Its renovation began two years later when manor owner Alexander von Grote recruited the eminent Baltic-German architect Wilhelm Bockslaff to lead the reconstruction of the manor house, which was completed in 1911.

During the 20th century, the manor served various purposes including as home to a school, a hydro-drainage technical college, sovkhoz administration and agricultural museum.

The manor was only restored to its original glory quite recently – in 2008, when it was transformed into a design hotel, in which as many historical architectural and interior elements characteristic of the classicism-era were retained as possible, creating the hotel rooms and premises in a tasteful and refined style, ideally suited for hosting various events and celebrations.

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