Bīriņi Castle

Bīriņi Castle has always inspired its landlords and guests with love stories worthy of Shakespeare. This neo-gothic style and semi-circular building enclosed by ancient parks and forests is on a hill, which reveals a view of the beautiful Bīriņi Lake. At the castle, one can relax in an aristocratic atmosphere – in ornate interiors, spacious reception halls and elegantly designed hotel guest rooms. In the Castle restaurant, one can enjoy meals fit for the nobility prepared with the finest natural ingredients, giving your leisurely break a hearty and elegant touch. A refined place for healthy relaxation.

The lightest of breezes will cast the rustling leaves in the park aloft. The flutter of wings will announce the return of the stork to its home in the castle house tower. And don’t be surprised to hear the ducks calling to one another as they play hide and seek among the water lilies. The bathhouse will resound to the sound of flailing birch besoms, while the paintbrush caresses the canvas as it strives to render this scene immortal.


Accommodation in Design Rooms

Hotel rooms in Bīriņi Castle itself and the Gardener’s House in the Castle garden have been arranged according to a special design, with aristocratic charm, allowing guests to enjoy the feelings, which were formerly only available to folk from the loftiest social circles.


The vaulted hall of the Castle is always home to a celebration of flavour, offering refined dishes prepared with taste, which will not disappoint even the most spoiled of gourmands. On leisurely mornings in particular, you can enjoy an unhurried breakfast in your room or an invigorating cup of coffee on the lake side of the Castle’s garden terrace.

Castle parks and Arbours

The castle’s parks have been lovingly developed by a number of owners of the Castle – each doing so for the love of his life, paying builders a king’s ransom to ensure that they built Love Isle, Eņģeļkalns and Priežkalns Park with joy in their hearts and so that their magical quality would spread joy and calm life’s storms.


During a swim in the tranquil waters of Bīriņi lake, you will never lose sight of the majestic Castle, all the while enjoying an invigorating experience for body and soul, truly worthy of the aristocracy. After basking in the sun, you will also enjoy the refreshment of a dip in Dzirnezers, before a visit to the summer café in the old Water Mill building.

Park Library

Sitting comfortably on the park benches, leafing through a book from the park library, you are not only turning the pages, but whole centuries, living out events in your imagination from episodes in the lives of the former lords of the castle.

Stable, Sleigh Rides

You will get a different view of Bīriņi Castle park and gardens with a ride in a carriage in summer or in a sleigh in winter, which will faithfully be pulled by the horses residing in the stables. At the stables, you can choose a suitable horse for a ride, enthuse about a white pony or admire the lively play of regally bred rabbits in the rabbit building.

Premises for Events

In the ornate halls of the Castle, thoughts and conversations will flow easily during work discussions, while true smiles will be augmented by quick steps and dances, as you enjoy receptions and parties in the Castle’s premises or celebrate an unforgettable wedding.


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Latvian, English, German, Russian

The grounds around Bīriņi Castle were inhabited as early as the 13th century when Livonian clans resided here. The Castle acquired its name in the 16th century due to the courage of Johan Biring, who led a company of Latvian, Polish and German troops against Ivan the Terrible, expelling him from Vidzeme’s largest towns. For this heroism, Biring was rewarded with the gift of Kolcen Castle, popularly known as Biring Castle, out of gratitude for his heroic acts.

At the end of the 18th century, the Castle was ruled by Count Mellin, who was a passionate devotee of culture – he established a sizable collection of maps of Latvia and Estonia and fought for the repeal of serfdom. The castle park crypt, which was built in accordance with Mellin’s wishes, is a unique example of architecture – it was built under a natural

The Castle acquired its current appearance in 1860, when, in accordance with the plans of the then owner of the Castle August von Pistolkorss, it was built in a neo-gothic style as a semi-circular architectural building. At the end of the 19th century, his son Alexander von Pistolkorss undertook to implement the audacious vision, establishing a seaside resort – Saulkrasti (Neubad), and building a road from Bīriņi Castle to the new oasis.

Bīriņi Castle has also experienced its version of Romeo and Juliet – Alexander’s son Erik fell in love with a Castle maidservant, which his mother objected to. Cunningly, she managed to break up the lovers, which was a sad turn of events that led to the suicide of both the maidservant and Erik.

Nowadays, the Castle has been fully restored to its former glory and is one of the most notable Castles in Latvia. With its hotel and restaurant, as well as leisure opportunities in the style of the aristocracy, it attracts people seeking to enjoy a break in a tranquil atmosphere and those who wish to organise celebrations, especially weddings.

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