The hospitality of Valmiermuiža Manor invites travellers to stop for a hearty meal and a glass of delicious beer, brewed in the adjoining brewery. There, nature’s produce is transformed into a proper beer, while in the renovated barn, which is home to the “Beer Kitchen”, where, after a long journey, you can sit back and take a breather in the easy chairs and experience our famed hospitality towards our guests. You can take the best impressions from Valmiermuiža with you, because the Latvian flavours store offers you the very best examples of produce made by local home producers and craftsmen. Valmiermuiža is a reminder that not only beer, but also the natural nobility of Latvian flavours must be enjoyed slowly.

The rattle of horses’ hooves will carry you back in time to an age when the life at the manor was tranquil and unhurried. And your thirst will be quenched by the mere sound of live ale caressing the landlord’s glasses, while the peaceful rustle of trees will gently cradle your leisurely and relaxed mood.



Renowned Brewery

The heart of Valmiermuiža, where a beer celebrated throughout Latvia is brewed with slow deliberation, which complements life so pleasantly with sparkling moments of genuine joy.

Brewery Tours

To be present during the brewing of real beer and to listen to the serene transformation of grain into refreshing sparkling gold is a true privilege – it is an insight into the soul of beer itself, which is crowned by the unhurried enjoyment of beer.

Finest Latvian Cuisine

In the old barn building, which has been restored to its former glory, one can enjoy meals celebrating Latvia’s characteristic flavours prepared with a contemporary touch, which go particularly well together with Valmiermuiža’s home brewed beer. Their nuanced and exquisite flavours are a treat for visitors and an eloquent advertisement for the achievement of local culinary art.

Local Goods Market

The jewels of nature, which home producers transform into real bread or into a rich round cheese allow one to enjoy flavour traditions, which have been revered since the days when a distant church bell or bird song disturbed the peace of these serene grounds.

Horse Riding

After a leisurely meal in the style of the nobility and delicious sips of beer, a ride along the manor paths and hunting park accompanied by the rhythmic steps of a horse, allows each of to imagine painting your own historical epoch.


Other Services

Customised celebrations | Traditional evenings | Concert evenings with live music | Bicycle hire | Manor-style children’s playground | Relaxation in the Valmiermuiža' Castle Garden | Free WiFi | Free car park


Valmiermuiža’s noble origins are connected to Valmiera Castle, near which a tavern was established at the start of the 17th century to sell the nobility’s beer. Continuing this ancient tradition, a proper Latvian beer is currently brewed at the “Valmiermuižas alus” brewery.

In the mid-18th century, the Russian crown presented Valmiera Manor to Prince Peter August Friedrich (in photo) of the province of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck in Germany. Here he established a Baroque-style hunting lodge with a lavish park and deer garden as a summer residence, in order to find joy through idyllic leisure and to show it off to his noble guests.

Once upon a time, Valmiermuiža was located at the side of a postal road that carried esteemed members of the aristocracy from Western Europe to Petersburg, which explains why a number of European monarchs have visited here – Polish Zigismund, Swedish King Charles XII, Prussian Queen Louise, Russian Empress Catherine the Great, as well as other aristocratic guests.

During the long and winding road of history, Valmiermuiža has experienced numerous misfortunes and has been severely damaged, despite which, right through to the present day, the unique neo-baroque style castle tower has survived, whose fine and colourful painting on the walls and ceiling testify to the noble taste with which leisure time is spent here.

In the 21st century, Valmiermuiža is experiencing a renaissance – a new brewery has been built, where its famed beer is brewed, and the barn has been renovated, whose hospitality is attracting new guests, prompting the increasingly active regeneration of the grounds surrounding the castle.

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