Cēsis Castle

In Cēsis Castle and museum you can hear the story about the town and the people who have created the history of Vidzeme, Latvia and even Europe. The glory of centuries old buildings creates a unique harmony of eras from eight centuries. Art and history lovers can enjoy rousing exhibitions here, and the New Castle's Lademaher Tower offers an amazing view across the old town of Cēsis. You can feel the beauty of Romanticism, which is a delicate mixture of nature and aristocracy, in the New Castle and its parks.

Babbling in the tranquil air of the Castle Garden will be the playful ripples of the Old Town’s fountains, as they refresh the gentle Vidzeme winds. Accompanying them will be the leisurely chimes of church bells, punctuated by craftsmen’s tools calmly sculpting exquisite ancient jewellery. While somewhere deep among the groves of trees planted by the lords of the men, lovers will kiss.


Museum in the Cēsis New Castle

The fine and elegant indoor premises introduce visitors to an atmosphere of days gone by, giving them a chance to visit the circular nobles’ library and the unique coffee room. In turn, the museum’s permanent exhibition "Cēsis – Symbol of Latvian History" provides them with the opportunity to find out about the special importance of Cēsis in the context of Latvia’s history.

Cēsis Exhibition Hall

Nowadays, the former manor coach house is a home to art. The building’s restored wooden elements are amazing in themselves, creating an atmosphere for the harmonious and memorable enjoyment of art, music and theatre.

Cēsis Medieval Castle

A walk through the tower of a medieval castle with a candle lantern is a unique and unforgettable adventure. Multimedial “Cēsis Castle story” revives the castle’s history, whereas by visiting castle garden and craftsman workshops you can experience the daily activities of the castle's people.

Lademaher Viewing Tower

The tower viewing platform reveals a broad view of Cēsis’ tranquil surroundings and storybook old town. The history of Cēsis is right before your eyes in the form of the ancient Vend castle mound, the Order castle ruins and the scenic jewels of romanticism on view in the castle complex.

Events and Concerts

Echoes of the historical eras that once prevailed in Cēsis can be enjoyed during various events in the castle complex – on Museums Night, on Midsummer Night, during the ethno-eco festival “Sviests” ("Butter") and Medieval Day. In summer, the castle garden and park is the venue for entertaining plays and concerts, which can also be enjoyed in the New Castle and Exhibition Hall in winter.

Ancient Jewellery Smithy

The personal pet project of expert craftsman Daumants Kalniņš, the experimental archaeology workshop showcases replicas of ancient Latgalian jewellery. The expertise of Daumants Kalniņš will not only help you to appreciate the importance of the jewellery, but also to mint a Cēsis shilling.

Castle Park

The hills and ravines of Cēsis Castle Park, and historic-cultural monuments together in one place were the best preconditions for creating a successful landscape park more than 170 years ago. Brooklets and springs were used in a masterly manner to form this unforgettable landscape, bridges, pavilions and sculptures were also added to give this place a feel of Romanticism.

The combined visitation price for Cēsis Medieval Castle and museum for adults is EUR 8.00

Annual events:

• May: Latvian folksong night

• July: Historical Hansa market

• July: Medieval professions day

• October: Legend night


As early as the 11th century, the ancient Vend tribe built a wooden castle on Riekstu Hill, which in later centuries became the centre around which the town of Cēsis developed. In the 13th century German Order Cēsis Castle was built next to the wooden castle, and by the 14th century, Cēsis had already been given city rights. Over the course of time, the Order Castle was considerably rebuilt, only evolving into its final architectonic form at the start of the 16th century.

As a result of the development of firearms, the Order Castle gradually lost its military importance and ceased to be used for defence purposes. By the start of the 18th century after the Great Northern War, all that was left of the castle was the ruins. It wasn’t restored and instead the town’s population used the castle’s thick walls to quarry stone.

At the end of the 18th century, a residential house was built for the lords of the manor within the grounds of the Order Castle. Today, this house is Cēsis New Castle. Right up to World War I, it was home to the family of Count von Sievers, which installed, what at that time in Europe was a unique phenomenon, i.e. an ornate room solely intended for the enjoyment of coffee. They also established an eclectic library that can be visited even today. Among the other sites installed during the von Sievers era were a cold water health spa, Alex’s Park where people could go for a walk and the historic brewery building.

In 1918, the first unit of the Latvian National Army – the Cēsis Regiment – was founded in the Cēsis New Castle, which has attained legendary importance in the context of Latvia’s battles for independence.

Since 1949, the Cēsis Castle complex has been managed by the Cēsis Museum of History and Art.


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