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Trail routes

Gauja National Park offers an impressive number of beautiful routes of various difficulty. Browse through the already prepared routes of Enter Gauja, choose the one that suits you best, and feel free to hit the road!

Cecilu nature trail in Ieriki - small circle
Cecilu nature trail is a walking route for tourists where you can see the sights of Amata municipality that are located along the banks of Kumada River, Danchupite and Amata River. Check the PDF file for a map and objects in the nature trail!
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Primeval valley of the River Brasla
Although the river is classified as “small”, this section of the river does not have the typical obstacles the small rivers have — trees fallen over the river, stacks of trees and branches in the river, and traces of beavers.
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Turaida Ravines and Caves
For travellers interested in the nature and culture monuments located on the banks of the old Gauja valley.
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Best Landscapes in the Vicinity of Āraiši
Suitable for those interested in nature and culture environment. Appreciated by those running after beautiful sights to catch these by a photo camera.
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Mushrooms of Gauja National Park
There are more than 4000 various mushroom species in Latvia.
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Spawning of salmon-like fish in Gauja National Park
The “central artery” of Gauja National Park is the River Gauja with many tributaries.
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The Wild Ravine of the River Vējupīte and Mound Paradīzes
Sigulda is a place where the nature lies in close interaction with what has been created by men.
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Sigulda - Līgatne
Suited for fit hikers or cyclists focused on an adventure in terms of views and emotions through the most impressive primeval valley of a river in Baltics. The route runs through Gauja National Park.
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