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Enter Family

Mini Zoo Mežiņi
Mini Zoo "Mežiņi" is Latvian rural crafts and animal farm.
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Sigulda Footballgolf Park
Footballgolf is an outdoor game for family and friends. The overall aim of the game is to kick the ball into a hole according to the golf rules. There are 18 holes with different obstacles, making the game more interesting for players. From November - April we work only if you make reservation!
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Breathtaking multimedia story in Cēsis Castle
The “Multimedia story of Cēsis castle” invites the visitors to experience amazing multimedia story about Cēsis Castle, by reliving the most important historical events and feel the ancient atmosphere.
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Creative quarter at Sigulda Castle Complex
The New Castle of Sigulda built in 1878 in the Neo-Gothic style as the living house for the owners of the manor, the Kropotkin family. The manor center began to develop in the fore-castle area of Sigulda Medieval Castle during the 17th century. Since 1993, the Sigulda Region Council has been located in the castle. At the quarter of castle visitors can found creative workshops like Wooden walking stick workshop, Leather, Textile and Baltic Jewelry workshops and paper art workshop “Viktor’s Letters”.
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Cēsis Medieval Castle
Families can get to know more about the Cēsis Medieval Castle by taking part in interactive tasks and playing historical games.
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Cēsis New Castle
The ancient aura of the Cēsis New Castle premises and objects, as well as its mighty tower and Family Room will guide you through a real historical adventure.
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Ancient jewellery forge
You can take part in minting coins and making jewellery when you visit the forge at Cēsis Medieval Castle.
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