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Ancient jewellery forge

You can take part in minting coins and making jewellery when you visit the forge at Cēsis Medieval Castle.

The ancient jewellery forge allows you to get to know more about the ancient Latgalian symbols and jewellery crafting. The forge is run by Daumants Kalniņš who will tell about minting coins and forging jewellery from various metals in a way that will grab the interest of both the old and the young.
The forger will tell you about the traditions of wearing the jewellery as well. You can get a first-hand experience of how it was like for the Ancient Latgalians to wear all their jewellery.

The family is involved in making a good luck charm in the forge with the help of the forger — they get to work with bellows and to melt and cast metal. During the period of Livonia (15th - 16th Century) a coin mint was located in Cēsis. Nowadays you can mint your own ancient coin based on the old designs in the ancient jewellery forge.

Daumants Kalniņš is also the instructor of the ancient coin minting and jewellery forging programme. It is an interactive workshop in which the whole family can take part. The jewellery forger tells more about the process of minting coins and forging jewellery in an exciting and involving manner. The training workshop is one hour long and you have to reserve it beforehand.

 The visit must be arranged beforehand


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