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Kaip čia atvykti

Gauja National Park is easy to reach from the capital of Latvia - Rīga. There are trains, buses available every hour. You can buy tickets online (www.1188.lv or www.mobilly.lv) or at the station.


The railway line Rīga – Valka/Valga goes through the Gauja NP ensuring a convenient and regular opportunity to travel between Rīga, SiguldaCēsis and Valmiera throughout the whole day. There are special bicycle racks on the trains for transporting bicycles. Click HERE to find the schedule. 


All of the territory of the Gauja NP can be easily reached by buses which run from Rīga to Sigulda, Cēsis and Valmiera approximately once an hour. Travelling by bus between populated places within the Gauja NP has to be planned in accordance with the bus schedules.


The starting point of a picturesque bicycle ride can be the train station. There are countless bicycle routes within the Gauja NP which will allow you to explore the rich nature, history and culture of the region. We suggest you avoid the busy highways A2 and A3 and take backroads and forest roads instead.


Whenever Gauja is ice free, many tourists take the opportunity to go boating in it in inflatable boats, canoes or on rafts. Amata and Brasla are also suitable for boating.

Suggested routes in the Gauja River:

Duration River section Route distance
1 day Cēsis – Līgatne 18 km
1 day Līgatne – Sigulda 21 km
1 day Sigulda – Murjāņi 17 km
2 days Cēsis – Sigulda 38 km
2 days Valmiera – Cēsis 44 km
3 days Valmiera – Sigulda 82 km
4 days Valmiera – Murjāņi 101 km



The Gauja NP is located between highways A2 and A3 and has a dense network of roads and parking lots. The majority of the tourism objects are easily accessible by car.

Distances between the cities (km)

  Sigulda Līgatne Cēsis
Riga 54 71 90
Valmiera 62 60 32


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