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Creative quarter at Sigulda Castle Complex

The New Castle of Sigulda built in 1878 in the Neo-Gothic style as the living house for the owners of the manor, the Kropotkin family. The manor center began to develop in the fore-castle area of Sigulda Medieval Castle during the 17th century. Since 1993, the Sigulda Region Council has been located in the castle. At the quarter of castle visitors can found creative workshops like Wooden walking stick workshop, Leather, Textile and Baltic Jewelry workshops and paper art workshop “Viktor’s Letters”.

Jewerly workshop

The Balts Jewelry Studio was created by well-recognized jewelers Inita and Vitauts Straupes more than 20 years ago. The studio is well known for both the traditional design created based on ancient ornaments and modern interpretation of the traditional jewelry design typical for Baltic region. There is a story behind each piece of jewelry that continues to surprise and tell you something new.

Each visitor (including children) can create their own personalized charm featuring landscape of Sigulda or an ancient symbol of the Sun. Charm can be used both as a pendant and a keyring.

Textile Workshop

The textile workshop is operated by SIA Varnnas, whose main activity is textile manufacturing - weaving, arts and crafts, and other products, as well as the provision of weaving services.

In the textile workshop you will find wonderful pieces from linen, both handmade by following the ancient techniques, and textile designed by a well-recognized EMILY textile studio that produces bedding and home interior textile. You will find textiles in all range of the colours, starting from natural colours you can find in nature to bright colours to bring joyful colours in your home or outfit. In addition, you will find a range of scarves, tablecloth and carpets.

In the creative workshop, both large and small visitors, will have the opportunity to weave a small cup holder, toys and masks.

Leather Artel

The leather is a plastic, natural, exclusive and always topical material for realizing different designs and which is always in fashion. Leather upholstery is likely to be one of the oldest types of craft on the earth. In the past, almost everything was made of leather, and in the modern world the leather has remained as attractive and modern craftsmanship.

Sigulda leather craftsmen invites you to get to know all the leather craftsman skills, make a gift or buy souvenirs.

In the leather artel both adults and children can observe the process of creating leatherwork, as well as create interesting and useful gifts for relatives or make simple souvenirs.

The workshop of walking stick

The making of walking stick in Sigulda area has more than 200 years old history. Already in the brochures from 19th century, it has been said that "'for a walk in Sigulda's valley it would be useful to buy a walking stick from a boy".

At the beginning of the 20th century, when Sigulda developed as a summer cottage center and the walks through the Sigulda manor owners Kropotkin’s made so-called Alpine trails became popular, the making of walking stick appeared as an important source of profit for local peasants.

Workshop visitors have the opportunity to take a part in making of walking stick, as well as get to know all the history of making the walking stick.

Paper-Art Workshop

The paper-art workshop "Viktor’s letters" is located in Sigulda Castle Manor Complex. In this workshop you will find original paperwork’s - bookmarks, gift envelopes, jewellery, postcards and special letter paper, which are made from Sigulda municipality’s old shredded documents.

In cooperation with "Latvian Post", in this workshop is located Sigulda Castle postal station, where anyone can write and send greetings to your loved ones across the world.

The workshop offers paper-art classes for both large and small visitors.

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