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Best Viewpoints in the Premieval Valley of Gauja


The route covers the best viewpoints over the landscape of Sigulda. But in order to enjoy these, one shall get to know the steep crests and sags of the primeval valley. Don’t forget to take your photo or GoPro camera! The route runs through Gauja National Park.

Best time to go

April–October. Especially recommended during the blooming of bird-cherry trees, the colourful autumn, and sunny winter days with few snow. Early spring is also suitable, since the leafage of trees and bushes does not cover the view.


Sigulda Railway Station (station square) – Raiņa iela – Gaujas iela – J. Poruka iela – cable car (or on foot along Gaujas iela to Krimuldas Serpentīna ceļš, and then upwards) – Piķenes Ravine – pedestrian bridge over Gauja – Laurenču iela – Kalna iela – Gulbju iela – Kalna iela – Šveices iela – Ausekļa iela – station square.


~15 km


One day.

Difficulty level

Moderate–difficult. Some sections — banks of the primeval valley, steep ravines of tributaries thereof — might be strenuous.

Road pavement

Asphalt (in town), forest roads, gravel roads, paths, wooden stairs on the steep banks of the Gauja valley and its tributaries.

Starting point/ destination

Sigulda Railway Station Square

Way marking

Partly marked on site (section Krimulda–Velnala Cliffs) with special signposts for cyclists.

Distance to Riga

50 km

Public transportation

The train Riga-Sigulda operates 8-9 times per day. The route can be started at any place, depending on the location of an accommodation site.

Worth knowing!

Suitable trekking footwear and a map of Sigulda and Krimulda is needed. Wooden stairs can be damaged and slippery during wet weather. Respect the information signs placed in objects! Walking outdoors is at one’s own risk. Emergency services: 112.


The route or part thereof can be merged with other routes of Sigulda and its vicinity. From the pedestrian bridge, one can follow the route also on the lower part of the Gauja bank. After having reached the Sigulda Local Skiing Track, one can take the ski lift or the stairs.


1. Sigulda Railway Station

2. Park of Walking-sticks

3. Cable Car


4. Primeval Valley of the River Gauja

Pay attention!

Next to the cable car, there are stairs leading down the valley, where one can see the slope forest habitats with deadwood, decayed trees, and mushrooms causing a decaying effect to timber. Moss on trees — squirrel-tail moss.

5. Krimulda Castle Ruins

6. Krimulda Manor

7. Princešu Spring

A small spring next to Šveices māja or the Swiss building with its waters flowing into the left tributary of the River Vikmeste.




8. Piķenes Cliff

Approximately 1 km long and 78-80 m high section of the right side of primeval valley wall of the River Gauja.

Pay attention!

Piķenes Cliff is covered with forests of slopes, which are protected habitats pre-dominated by oaks, linden trees, maples, and hazel-trees. Suitable place to watch plants, mushrooms, and beavers. Alongside the bank of the primeval valley, there are many large-sized decayed trees and deadwood. It is the home of various species of woodpeckers leaving traces of their “artworks” on the trunks of trees, sulphur shelves. Many types of moss, including squirrel-tail moss.


9. Velnala Cliffs

The last and most impressive cliff wall of the valley — around 15 m high; located on the curve of the right bank. The dark Velnala Cave of Krimulda is seen in the middle of it. Above Velnala Cave, there are old and biologically valuable pines with the so-called crocodile skin bark.

10. Velnala Cave of Krimulda




11. Pedestrian bridge over the River Gauja

Ideal for watching salmons during autumn, when the water is clear.

Pay attention!

Should you head to Sigulda alongside the River Gauja, you will see large stands of rough horsetail, wet grasslands of meadowsweets, traces of beavers and wild boar on your way. There is a good chance of hearing the shrew singing.

12. Lorupe Ravine

The River Lorupe drops vertically 12 m for every kilometre in its 11 km long course before entering Gauja. The water is cold due to the many “feeding” springs.

13. Ķeizarskats and Ķeizarkrēsls

14. Mound Kaķīškalns

Skiing track established on the slopes of the old valley of the River Gauja. From top of the mound, there is a very good view over the primeval valley of the River Gauja.

15. Korde Track

A popular place for skiing during the winter, and a good place for photos and landscape watching all through the year.

16. Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track

17. Lakstīgala Ravine


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