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Annual festivities in Valmiermuiža manor

The annual festivities of Valmiermuiža are celebrated in accordance with the solar calendar — eight times a year. During these festivals we explore our roots, traditions, folk dances, songs and enjoy a glass of good beer.

Ancient Latvians celebrated festivities according to the positioning of the sun and the changes in nature. Latvians split each quarter of the year in two halves which were started with merry annual festivities — beer has always played an important role in them.

Nowadays the visitors of Valmiermuiža can explore various craftsmanship skills and learn our ancestors’ wisdom that guarantees big harvests and peaceful living. Little guests can take part in creative workshops in which various decorations and tasty treats for the festivities are made.

Various folk groups make the festivities even more colourful — they educate on various traditions, songs, games and folk dances.

The beer brewers of Valmiermuiža manor spoil the guests of the festivities with their latest brews, and the chefs of the Beer kitchen let them indulge in Latvian tastes and use beer as an ingredient for some of their dishes.

Tasty treats and goods from Latvia can be bought in the festivity market titled "Tasty eating in Valmiermuiža” to which around 100 home food producers and craftsmen arrive.


Entry fee

  • Free entrance

Method of payment

  • Cash


Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Accessible for people with functional disabilities (with the help of assistant)
  • Manor style children’s playground in Valmiermuiža manor park
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi)


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