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Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery

Valmiermuiža craft brewery is located in the historic centre of Valmiermuiža, where it is still possible to feel the spirit of the manor and enjoy the hospitality of its owners.

The Brewery was built not far from Valmiera, near the place where once stood a sophisticated manor castle.

To the present day, the tower of the Valmiermuiža castle has been preserved and is surrounded by a vast park with ancient oaks, lindens and other stately trees that witnessed events of the past.

The family of the near Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery continues the tradition of manor hospitality, producing delicious master's beer and hosting guests from near and far places.

From ancestral times beer was put on the Latvian festive tables and enjoyed not only with light repasts, but also with hearty meals. There is historic witness that 190 beer casks were prepared in the 17th century in the Valmiera Castle Manor. Therefore, to make the foamy festive drink rich in tradition, the Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery brews the beer using old recipes and following ancestral secrets.




Admission fee

  • Admission fee for one person – 9.00 EUR, for group of up to four people – 36.00 EUR. For children up to 6 years – free of charge, from 6 - 12 years - 3.00 EUR
  • Tours with beer tasting are given in Latvian, Russian and English languages

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • Bank transfer



  • The former owner of Valmiermuiža Manor, Magdalena Elisabeth von Hallart, supported creation of Hernguters centre in Valmiermuiža, thus contributing to education of Latvian peasants and improving their reading and writing skills. At the end of the 18th century, the Latvians of Vidzeme became the most educated peasants in Europe of that time
  • Some European monarchs stayed in Valmiermuiža - King of Poland Sigismund, King of Sweden Charles XII, Empress of Russia Catherine II, Queen Louise of Prussia and others
  • Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery produces live and natural beer
  • The first cup of the Valmiermuiža beer was put on a festive table in 2009

Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Free picnic place in the manor park
  • Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi)


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