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Ungurmuiža Manor

Ungurmuiža manor reveals unique Baroque wooden buildings and a fairytale park full of large, old oaks.

However, the greatest value of the manor is its buildings, which are well preserved thanks to restoration. The manor complex consists of the manor house, former school building, administrator’s house, a barn, a household building, and a tea house which is located in the old oak park with a trail leading further to the Meža (Forest) Park.

Ungurmuiža manor house was built in 1732 and it is the eldest residential house of wooden manors in Latvia. It stands out among others with its exquisite wall drawings by Georg Dietrich Hinsch, a painter from Limbaži.

The former bedroom of the ex-owner of the manor — Baron Campenhausen — is guarded by two grenadiers painted on the wall. Other rooms are decorated with flower patterns, drawn wallpapers and hangings, along with scenes from the baron’s military expeditions and journeys abroad. Meanwhile the family chapel is decorated with a painting depicting an angel and a slogan: “Unity, love, trust”.

Each and every wall painting, artefact at the manor, and the smallest corner of nature, permeated with peace, bring memories of the old times back.



Facts and figures

  • Initially the manor saw many owners coming and going, until it finally became a property owned by the Campenhausen Family, and in 1732 the present manor house was built.
  • The manor house is created in a way to fit in with the surrounding environment.
  • The Campenhausen Family owned the manor until 1939.
  • In 1734, a school for Latvian children was established at the Ungurmuiža Manor. It was located in a separate building erected for this purpose next to the manor house, and served for this purpose until the 1890s, when it was closed. Nowadays the former school building accommodates guest apartments and a restaurant.

Extra services

  • Guide services in Latvian, Russian, German, and English
  • Tea ceremony in the tea house (to be announced beforehand)
  • Souvenir stand
  • Restaurant
  • Guest house
  • Rent of premises
  • Exhibitions provided the manor excursion is selected

For your conveniences

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Partial access for disabled persons
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)


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