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New Castle of Cesis

Cēsis New Castle is home of the History and Art Museum, which tells about various interesting historical events and displays the ancient interior. Here one can ascend to the top of the Neo-gothic Lademacher Tower.

Cēsis New Castle is an important architectural monument of national significance from the 18th-19th century, having enjoyed its best times when it became the residence of an old Baltic-German count family von Sievers.

The castle with its Neo-gothic Lademacher Tower, which is decorated with pointed vaults and apertures, is among the first samples of eclecticism in the architecture of Latvian manor houses. It is the tower that has become one of the landmarks of Cēsis. It is also the place where the Latvian maroon-white-maroon flag has been raised since 1988, reminding of Cēsis as the origin of the flag.

A visit to the History and Art Museum and particularly to its Great Hall will reveal the restored rose motif in free-hand painting, which is deemed of high quality in terms of the art of painting, along with the sample of Biedermeier interior decoration in the Coffee Room.

The museum displays a permanent interactive history exhibition “Cēsis — a symbol of the history of Latvia”. On interactive screens you can pick a topic which you are most interested in.

Visit to the museum will be particularly exciting with a guide, who can provide an insight in the events important not only to Latvia, but the whole Europe.




Facts and figures

  • Construction of the New Castle was commenced in 1777, based on the front-castle walls of the Medieval Castle and the tower.
  • The Neo-gothic Tower is 28 m high, and opens up a complete view over the town.
  • More information about the New Castle see on  www.cesupils.lv.

Extra services

  • Guided tours in Latvian, English, Russian.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Educational lessons, museum educational programs, during which you can, for example, play out the Battle of Cēsis
  • It is possible to buy a book - a guide for families, which takes you on an exciting journey through the museum exposition and also introduces you to little Count Emanuel.

For your conveniences

  • WC
  • Access for disabled persons
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)


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