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European Region of Gastronomy 2017

In 2017 the Rīga-Gauja region offer earned the honour of being European region of Gastronomy.
Latvian cuisine and gastronomy traditions have one thing in common – almost everything that was on our table, could be seen out of the window. Birch water in spring allowed to wash away the winter tiredness and waste from the bones, the meadow herbs were used as spices or in teas to keep in the home medicine chest. The forests gifted us with meat, mushrooms and berries, but rivers, lakes and the sea – with fish. At the same time, it agrees with the Latvian chefs’ manifest of modern Latvian cuisine, which invites us to “create new recipes, where up-to-date local products are used” and “diversify the diet by using seasonal products”. In honour of the title “European Region of gastronomy 2017” three official Rīga-Gauja souvenirs were chosen by creating a competition. They can be purchased in tourism information centres. Also, by continuing a tradition, restaurant weeks take place in the region twice a year – in spring and in autumn.

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