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Cēsis New Castle

The ancient aura of the Cēsis New Castle premises and objects, as well as its mighty tower and Family Room will guide you through a real historical adventure.

The family of Count Sievers used to reside in the Cēsis New Castle. The most interesting tours are the ones taken together with the little Count Emanuel, who is the main character in the guide for families.

The guide will lead you through the exhibition of the Cēsis History and Art Museum that is displayed in the castle. You will have the chance to explore the most important events of Cēsis history as well as get to know what Count Emanuel wanted for his seventh birthday.

You can purchase the Family Guide at the Visitor Centre of the castle complex. It is available in Latvian.

The Family Room is a special room where families can relax and at the same time get to know some interesting facts. There you can find an interactive closet with 12 doors, and behind each one lies some surprise. For example, you will find a helmet of a medieval knight behind one of them and you will have the chance to try it on. Other doors have keyholes that will let you peek into how it was like to play in one of the rooms of the castle together with children 200 years ago.

The little visitors of the Family Room will have the chance to draw and colour. Together the family can play a board game devoted to the hundred year anniversary of Latvia. The game leads you on an adventure through various centuries in Latvia.

Children really enjoy exploring the model of the most luxurious room of the castle — the big salon. They can play with a miniature cat, a gentleman and a lady that live in the model of the room.

You will have the chance to visit the tower, which has become one of the symbols of Cēsis.


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