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Housed in an ancient Cēsis Castle Manor stable / coach house, the Exhibition House boasts excellent acoustics and expressive wooden structures.

Cēsis Exhibition House has been operating since 1985 and is housed in an ancient building — a former stable / coach house that once stood in the Cēsis Castle Manor parade yard.

The year 1781 on the weathervane flag is considered to be the year of construction.Therefore, it was most likely built by the order of count Karl Eberhard von Sievers who was the owner of Cēsis Castle Manor at the time.

One end of the building served as a stable for the castle owners’ saddle and work horses and a coach house for coaches and carriages of the lords of the manor, while the other end, closer to the castle hotel, or tavern, served as a stable and coach house for castle guests.

It seems unbelievable that this building that once resounded with the clatter of horse hooves and the rattling of coaches is now a distinguished venue for art exhibitions, music concerts and theatre plays.

The Exhibition House is characterised by late classicism and empiricism freeforms. Dark wooden structures contrast brightly with the white interior walls of the Exhibition House, which is perfect for music concerts due to its excellent acoustics.

Here you can enjoy both artwork and the building’s own unique, ancient atmosphere that complements the emotions evoked by exhibitions and concerts.




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