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Handicraftsmen in Valmiera

While visiting the handicraftsmen in Valmiera, you will see the process of creation of handicrafts with national patterns and view an exhibition of traditional handicrafts.

Handicraftsmen in Valmiera create gorgeous Latvian handicrafts. They can be viewed when visiting a small workshop with traditional knits, crochets and other fancy works.

If you want, you can go to the handicraft demonstration, during which you will find out how patterned socks, lace gloves, colourful scarves and shawls are made. In addition, tablecloths, blankets, national skirts and belts are woven in the workshop.

In the workshop, you can purchase useful things: for example, motley patchwork rugs and special linen bath towels, which are used for body massage.

Many handicraftsmen are members of the Craftsmen Park Foundation of Valmiera.


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