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Ungurmuiža nowadays

Ungurmuiža is the eldest Baroque wooden manor in Latvia and a cultural centre, hosting classical music and art events.

Classical music is played at Ungurmuiža in the summer, and during the event you can visit the Baroque buildings and the green parks with trails leading to the elegant tea house and further in the Meža (Forest) Park.

In June, the manor hosts the Small Opera Festival, whereas in August — the Schubertiad, which are beloved classical music events gathering famous Latvian opera stars.

Classical music concerts may be enjoyed while sitting beneath the oaks in the park. Musicians perform on the manor house terrace, which is decorated with white wooden columns and banister.

While on a guided tour around the premises of the manor, you will see various exhibitions by Latvian artists in the exhibition hall.

Music evenings are held at Ungurmuiža during the low season — once a month various music style concerts are hosted in the ancient rooms decorated with scenic wall paintings.




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